xdodgemanxApril 21, 2008

Just wondering what everyone here does about grub you use grubex or is there some earth friendly way of getting rid of them?

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billhill(z5 MI - KBG)

Beneficial nematodes and milky spore are two "Organic" approaches to insect control in lawns. I believe that a healthy lawn can support quite few grubs living in it. Since this is the "Organic" lawn forum, many here believe that there is little or no need to kill the living organism in your lawn with chemicals. Do you know what else grub X takes out ? Have you determined how bad your grub problem really is ? Bill Hill

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Lawncare FAQ

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Bill is right. A healthy lawn should be able to withstand a grub population of several hundred grubs without seeing any damage. If you've got more than 10-12 JBG per 1000 sq. ft. then you have an issue, otherwise not. Don't overwater in the early June and don't let your soil get too dry in August and you'll be creating an enviroment that tends to de-select for grubs. If you need to treat nematodes absolutely rock.

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If you need to treat nematodes absolutely rock.

And roll. For long-term control, Milky Sport is very effective. For a quick population drop, nematodes are great.

Combine the two and you can kill most of the grubs in your lawn and keep them from coming back for a decade or so. The adult beetles will still be there as your neighbors' lawns will harbor them, but they don't last long.

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Thanks for the help. My real problems are moles. I figured if I could control the grubs, the moles would go away. I do know what else grubex kills, and I also have a little girl and a family pet that play outside all day. I do not want any chemicals in my yard. Period. So far, Ive put down some alfalfa. In another week or so, I will overseed my yard then follow up with some soybean meal i purchased. Last year, I used Ringer and CGM all year.

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