Discouraging rabbits

sandyzz(toronto)April 18, 2008

I live next to a large urban park and my lawn and garden are covered in bunny poop. While they are super cute when I see them nibbling at my lawn or garden, the NUMEROUS piles of their poop is getting annoying. I've had this problem before putting down soybean meal but it seems to be a little worse since I went organic. Is it something I will just have to tolerate? I think that it would be alot of work putting screening mesh under my wooden fence the entire perimeter of my backyard. Should I just rake it into the lawn and consider it fertilizer? I'm kind of grossed out by how much of it there is especially in the garden when I am hand pulling weeds.

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billhill(z5 MI - KBG)

I wish I could get more rabbit droppings for my lawn. It is great fertilizer. Do rake it into your lawn. You will notice that part of your lawn looking better than the rest over time.
Bill Hill

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Yeah, its free fertilizer. If you've got ornamentals you want to keep them out of there are waxy hot pepper sprays that will deter them. Bloodmeal sometimes acts as a repellant and if you wanna get hardcore human urine usually does the trick too.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

One of the benefits of an organic program is that you get more critters coming to your lawn to leave droppings. At most I would get a rake to spread them around.

If you really want to discourage bunnies, give them something to do and then criticize them for no reason both while they are doing it and after they have finished the task. Or if they use their own initiative to do something, you have another opportunity to criticize them for not paying attention to what they were supposed to be doing. Oh, here's another way. Give them a task and then take it away from them when they don't finish it early. Then give the same task to a second bunny that the first bunny does not respect. Ooooooh, that will really discourage them.

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Its good to know even organic gardeners have a sense of humour! I tried your advice but whenever I opened the patio door to start criticizing them, they just bolted. Apparently they know whats coming and they are very sensitive to such personal attacks. I'll try raking instead.

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