Sophronitis cernua

aachenelf z5 MplsJuly 14, 2008

Small creeping species from Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay. First flower for me on a really small plant. I didn't even see the bud form. One day I noticed something orange and couldn't figure what was going on until I looked closer. Shows you how much attention the orchids get while outside for the summer.


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xmpraedicta(3b Saskatoon)

Really cute - how creeping is this one? I'm getting more and more into compact/miniatures (no thanks to you of course) and this one definitely should be added to the list!

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Nice! I like this species, and I like that you're growing it in a pot.


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aachenelf z5 Mpls

Thanks guys.

Calvin - I would say a compact creeper. The new PB's stay pretty close to the rest of the plant. It really is a nice looking plant even out of bloom

Mike - This is an example of my pot/mount method. I stuffed a couple pieces of tree fern in a pot and pinned the plant down. So far, so good.


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What a cutie. It's colour is hotter than the hot topic in this section of the forum!!

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Look after this well. We went on a walk recently in the Mata Atlantica and the guide showed us a plant of it with about 300 p'bulbs. Only a couple of flowers were still out so I didn't photograph it. We did a quick calculation and reckoned it was probably about 80 years old! I was very chuffed with myself as the guide only knew it as an orchid and I was able to give him the proper name.It's surprising how little many Brazilians know about orchids and how little they care about them for the most part....:-(

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carolinn_on(z3 Northern Ontario)

Kevin, I'll have to try your mount method, as I like as many of my orchids as possible to be potted. Lovely bloom!


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