Lawn slow to green

rmj619April 11, 2013

I live in southeastern Pennsylvania. I had Tall Fescue installed on a new property in 2011.

Was very slow to green in spring of 2012. Had a soil sample submitted and my numbers were in good range. Started an organic program in May 2012. Put alfalfa pellets down every three weeks all summer and fall. Lawn looked nice and green but still had alot of dry yellow grass underneath.

Last month put down alfalfa pellets and yesterday ( april 10th) i applied 10 bags of milorganite on 25,000 sq ft of grass.

Took a walk with wife last night in an adjacent neighborhood and noticed several lawns thAt were full and as green as could be. Why doesnt our lawn look like that???? - i heard several times....

These lawns look green and all the grass is standing straight up. My grass has some green but a ton of dormant looking grass that looks like straw underneath.

Is it possible they have kbg and it just greens quicker?
Is their soil just that much better?

Any thoughts would be appreciAted....

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Soil temperature can have an affect on grass growth which is what causes the grass to become green. If your neighbors apply synthetic nutrients, less dependant on the Soil Food Web, their lawns can green up quicker, but will require more poisons to control insect pests that will be atrracted to those sick lawns. Every lawn I have seen that uses the synthetic growing stimulants also requires numerous and expensive application of poisons to control the insect pests that are attracted there and that contributes to the poisoning of our planet, the world we live in.
Thomas Berry said it best, "You cannot have healthy people in a sick planet."

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Various varieties do green up quicker than other varieties, even in the same lawn. I wouldn't worry about whose lawn comes in first, but I wonder why you're fertilizing dormant grass.
Better to wait a while after mowing for cool-season lawns. :)

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I started organic last year with some scotts organic and some milorganite. It takes a little while in spring until the lawn wakes up and the microbes digest the milorganite. Organic fertilizer is slow release unlike chemicals. Give it some time

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I put soybean meal down, about 50 lbs and got good results.I used alfalfa too but I think the sb meal really greens up a yard. I live in FL so a bit different soil, but give it a shot.

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