What seed companies are you using?

gldno1January 6, 2013

I am getting rejuvenated about gardening hearing you all talk about seeds. I haven't ordered much except from Baker Creek and Pinetree for several year so I wondered who you all are using.

I need to get organized and send for some onion plants and seeds. I will used Dixondale for the onions.

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I've used Swallowtail a couple times for flowers but not so far this year. I ordered some native plant seeds from Prairie Moon and another site I can't remember last year. I need to check out what's new on Baker Creek's site. They always have some neat stuff. I'll order some veggie seeds if I manage to finally put in some raised beds like I want to.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

So far I have ordered from Swallowtail, Pinetree and Tomatofest. I don't think Tomatofest is the best place for tomato seeds but Okiedawn liked Greek Rose tomato and they have it. Then of course you have to order more to justify the shipping which was about $4. She grows so many kinds and she doesn't get them in the same place. We have a great forecast for this coming week so maybe I won't get so nutty ordering and dreaming of spring.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I probably won't make up a order but I like the dark vinca in the Park's catalog that came yesterday. I hope they have that color in the garden centers. Christie I saw a Garden Gate magazine in Sams that had the new plants for 2013. I am bad about looking at magazines in stores and not buying them.

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Well, I ordered enough from Swallowtail that I got free shipping....should be enough ornamentals and most vegetables. I still need sweet corn. I think I have enough tomato seeds for this year...then the great clean up of all old seeds...into the trash can.

Drat,Helen, I didn't get vinca! They are very easy from seeds and one of my favorites....may have to order those today.

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I just got an email that Swallowtail has already shipped my seeds....happy about the speed.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I ordered tomato seeds from Double Helix Farms because I wanted Stump of the World recommended elsewhere. I like the nice safe bubble envelope protecting the seeds that came yesterday. My last order of seeds from another place which I won't mention was squashed in the mail. I am not saying the name because they responded to my e-mail complaint within hours and are sending more seeds. I think there are still plenty of seeds that will grow anyway. I was happy with Swallowtail and Pinetree also. Tomatofest didn't protect the seeds but there was no evidence of squashing on those.

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I think I finished up ordering. I ordered a lot of onions from Dixondale and , though I said I would never order from them again, I ordered some flower seeds from Park. If they take forever this time, I am going to advertise it far and wide!

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