Do you consider motherwort a weed?

pixie_louOctober 11, 2011

About 4 years ago, I took 4 motherwort plants from my godmothers house. 3 survived transplanting and have developed into nice sized plants. But when I was out weeding today, in the vicinity of those plants, I must have found 50 volunteer plants. I've never seen volunteers before, and these were no more than a few inches high. Which made me start wondering - with this many volunteers, do people consider this plant a weed?

Personally I love the plant. It has such a great shape - I really love the architecture of the plant. It does well in my crappy soil and in my shady yard. But as much as I love it - I really don't want it scattered all across my garden. I guess I'm wondering how agressive I need to be with pulling volunteers.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

"A weed is a plant that is growing in the wrong place." - Jim Crocket


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I am on the fence about it. It does seed itself where it can, but I don't find it to be too bad. I let them grow here and there in the less formal areas of the yard. They have great medicinal uses, apparently.

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I'm not even sure I'd know a motherwort if I saw one. The images on google are very variable. What does yours look like?

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diggingthedirt - these are some pictures I took in late June/early July. Do these help?

The plant (at least mine) get about 3-4' tall. The stems are "square", the blossoms are right on the stems, at the leaf node. I had blossoms through early September. (And I do recall a thread on the "Name That Plant" Forum, where some one thought there neighbor was growing marijuana - thinking motherwort had marijuana shaped leaves.)

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