What's wrong with this forum?

ceresone(missouri ozarks)January 1, 2006

Is everyone just too tired this winter to post? Seems every site on the web has new pastings every morning--but this one. Does everyone else just check, and go on as I do? Will we lose the Ozarks Forum for lack of interest? i will hate to see that--but it seems we're down to just a very few people ever posting.come on, everyone--are we going to say " CLOSED- FOR LACK OF INTEREST?"

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Ceresone, I agree with what you stated about lack of activity on this forum. I would hate to see it come to an end as this is one of my favorites as far as forums go. I will do my part and try to be more active during 2006. Hope others will join us.

Happy New Years to all.....

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I enjoy this forum too. My computer has been running sooo slow and I don't post as much as I used to but still checking in daily when I can.
Maybe now that the holidays are over, everyone will have more time to sit down at their computer and read. If everyone will try to post a question in the next week or two, it will get this forum going again. I'm sure everyone has plant catalogs that they will be leafing through and questions to ask. It's so helpful to hear what does well in our climate and soil conditions from others in this area. Some of the plants I see recommended in the perennials forum are more suited to the east coast where it doesn't get as hot in the summer.

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I will try to do better. I don't call them New Year's resolutions 'cause if I do they will surely fall by the wayside.

Not much going on in this neck of the woods. Just can't believe the unbelievable weather we have been having. Sure won't last for long tho'.

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It is on the warm side here in LA. Also very dry and burn bans are in place. The use of fireworks was prohibited or restricted in some areas due to the conditions.

I will be starting some tomatoe seeds this week and try to get a jump start on having transplants ready when Spring arrives. I am still enjoying fresh tomatoes that I have planted in containers. Always interested in learning what variety does well for you in your area. Would appreciate your posting.


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Ceresone, I check in daily too, but hate to be the only one to post....so just move on.

I loved the daily thing where we could post anything, but that didn't seem to take off......

I am getting lots of catalogs and got my first one that had a cd with the pictures on it. I loved it, much faster for me to load (dial-up). I am still just looking and promised myself not to get too much this year. I won't start garden seeds until late March and April. I still have under the lights, coleus and various cuttings I took in the fall. One of the roses may be blooming by spring!

The farm has taken a lot of our attention lately. We have had some new fencing done and have had to deal with people on that. Thankfully, it is finished and they are all gone! I hate having people come and go....never knowing when they will do it.

I sure wish we could get some of Ca's rains......very, very dry here.

Glad to see the response to Ceresone's post. Maybe if we try to post at least 1 or 2 times a week???


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Havent been doing much. Got the last of my spring bulbs planted for christmas. Have been watering. It is so dry and am scared will lose some new trees that went in last fall. The warm weather has been nice but dont think it can last much longer.
Want to get some seed winter sowed but is so warm am slow to get started. Had fairly good results last year. So will give it a try again this year.
Hope everyone had a good new year. Judy

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Winter, slumbering in the open air, wears on its smiling face a dream... of spring.

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Well I planted my tomatoe seeds this week. This is my first year for planting this early. I may be too early but unless I try it I would never know. I also plan on planting another batch in a month and that way I should be alright in case these were planted too early. I will have plenty to share with others. Weather is still warm and forecast is for cooler temps by the weekend. Dropped off some soil samples this morning at Louisiana AgCenter to get tested. Should get results back in a couple of weeks.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I have given up on plants because it never rains. I struggled all summer. It just wears you out after a while. We did get moisture yesterday, but I'm buying gazing balls, metal arbors and other ornaments without roots. I'll bet others have lost interest for this reason.

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Well it rained and it hailed and the wind blew last night. Isnt light enough yet to see if there is much damage. When the sirens went off knew the worst was past us. Hope everyone got some much needed rain. Judy

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We got just a bit of rain, maybe 1/4 inch, no storms, but lots of wind.

Today is much colder and very windy.

Helenh, don't give up. I plant every year regardless. Let's just hope we get lots of rain this spring.


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irishheart(6b MO)

Hello,I am new to this forum (I need to update my profile a little, too)...I live in southern Missouri about 20 miles north of West Plains. Last year I was not able to garden at all but I am planning to remedy that this year. I have lots of room and well-amended soil. I am planning on being a little more "scientific" this year. Maybe we'll have a rainy spring! Let's get this forum going-- I'd hate for it to end just when I found it. Let's start seeds, plant new stuff, trade plants, get together....love to all of you.

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Helen - Drought tolerant plants are getting more and more appealing to me. It seems like we have a drought every year doesn't it. There are some things that virtually never have to be watered so don't give up yet if you really want a garden. I need to reorganize and get my stuff together that requires watering and I need to put a soaker hose or something there so it will be less trouble. Right now I have things scattered here and there and not very close to the house where it would be easier to water. Actually - I need to start completely over now that I've had some practice and have kind of figured out what does well and what I like.
Irishheart - Welcome!!! Do you have seeds ready to plant for this spring? What are you going to start? I have started planting some now using the winter sowing method and will plant some melons and other things when it gets warm enough.

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Welcome Irishheart, you are not too far from me. I live outside of Summersville, north of you.
Read your profile and found it quite interesting. I am a retired RN, as of last Feb. My DH and I had Harleys earlier in our marriage. Gave up cycling when he lost vision in one eye and peripheral vision not so good.

I have thought about trying winter sowing but with the weather being so warm tho't things would start growing too soon and then BAM, be hit with a freeze.

Going to have to figure out something, I do have a small indoor greenhouse that I started some seeds in last year, so still have that option.

See the weather forecast is predicting some snow showers in the morning. Will wait and see.

Did several loads of laundry and hung two of them outside, the sun was shining when I started, then before the third one ready to go out, got cloudy and overcast, so threw that load in the dryer. Little while later, started sprinkling so ran out and brought those in off the line and will have to finish them in the dryer.

DH came in with a load of firewood and I went out and helped him unload and stack it so he wouldn't get too wet. Fixed some supper, now the evening is mine to be lazy in.
After cruising around the net a while will get back to knitting the poncho for my GD.

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Welcome Irishheart. There are now several of you from the same area....you all feel like neighbors to me.

Donna, I tried the wintersowing one time and was less than successfull with it. I need to revisit the WS forum and refresh myself and give it another shot. The fluctuations in temps aren't supposed to be a problem.

I am going to get all my seeds out today and do an inventory and order what I need for the garden. I know I start my onion seeds next month under lights. I don't do tomatoes until April. Will do some peppers in March. I still have 8 flats I can fill under my light system.

We worked cattle yesterday. It was like a three-ring circus. I had forgotten how wild beef are compared to the gentle Holsteins! We are buying a new working system before the next Vet visit.......I told DH never again with this system we have now. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful. I would hate for either of us to be out in windy cold with these "hanger-on" colds.

Today we plan to check out portable buildings for chickens down towards Rogersville and maybe a rug place. My dining room rug has to go!

Hope you all have a good day.

Ceresone.....Where are you?????


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Glad to meet you Irishheart. Did some winter sowing yesterday. Have lots more to get done. Have been putting it off due to the warm weather. Looked at my banana yesterday and they look good. Hope the all make it. Most of my potted plants are dormant and that is good. Wont be long and will be time to add more light and water and start waking them up for the summer. Am looking forward to this summer. Judy

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Ceresone's lurking!! lol
still reading the forum first thing every morning, what other forum's does everyone go to? (bad english, but it fit)
myself, i start with farm life, go to the ozark forum, then to soil, compost and mulch, on to the allium forum.i've started my first garlic bed this past fall, thanks to people i've met on the forums.
then, i move onto homesteadtoday forums, and idigmygarden forums from baker creek.depending on the time of year, i may hit midwest forum, winter sowing(which i didnt have luck at either)or, gardening under lights, heirloom gardens.
THEN, its daylight, and time for chores!
one mentioned giving up gardening? the thought came to mind "hope springs eternal" which describes me in the spring.my seed catalogs are dog-eared now--best occupation for a cold winter day.
i build a seed rack last year, need to get cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage growing, think i'll wait longer for the tomatoes and peppers.
farms in a waiting mode right now, everything just waiting for spring. noticed yesterday that neighbors horses had stripped the bark off all the trees to eat, combined feeling of wishing i could help them, and being glad ours have plenty to eat. type neighbor that would be angry if he saw you giving hay to them.
so wish hubby was interested in gardening, as he used to be, but--reminds me of ronald regan's last speech, going down that road you dont want to follow. and nancy's about so many beautiful memories that we no longer share. dr's appt in spf next mo.
irishheart, think you live not far from me, welcome to our ramblings.
greatgrandkids selling books in school this year, got 3 seperate "letters" yesterday--guess "maw" better get busy and look.
best to everyone.

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kaye(7a AR)

Still waiting for some rain here..fire on the mountain near us recently. I've been watering the garden to try to keep plants alive..hoping that spring is more gentle to us here than winter has been..in spite of the temperate weather.

As a side note, I have a journal from a nurseryman in NW Arkansas from the mid 1800's and the temperature swings were about as bad as now.

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kaye, I think about that everytime someone says how the weather is changing and it was never this dry or this warm or this cold. Just listen for the record-setting stats from the weatherman. As for our warm winter so far, I remember Mom and Dad butchering hogs one fall and it got so warm they had to rent a locker so the meat wouldn't spoil before it cured.

We are still dry here. We have seen a fire near for several days now. It is new homeowners and I believe they are burning brush with the news telling us everyday that there is a fire hazard, unbelievable.

We have a chance of rain today, but I may water some new fruit trees anyway.

Have great plans to clean up the yard today and plant a flat or so of lettuce.

Good morning ceresone, I think you are an early riser like me. I have been up since 3:30 a.m.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

It is said that we are having the second driest spell in recorded history . I know it is the driest since we moved here 29 years ago . Our drilled well ( which was drilled around 20 years ago ) dried up last fall . That had never happened before . It is a deep well ...240 ' . I wonder where the underground water comes from .... Where ever it is , I hope it soon refills .
The strange thing is that our farm pond is remaining at about the same level , dispite the warm dry weather and all the wind . I think this entire winter has been above average temps . There has hardly ever been ice on my rain barrel's water.
Another strange thing , I have had water in my 2 rain barrels all winter , even though I water my 150+ house plants from them . ( Actually , one is a barrel , the other is a tub . )


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Its been raining since last nite. So glad. Had been doing some watering so hope this is a sign of winter rains coming finally At least wont have to worrry so much about the fires. Have lots of bulbs coming up in the yard so hope the freezing is over dont want to lose all the blooms. Its nice to walk in the yard and hear the gound squish. Been putting out some winter sowing containers hope they all sprout later but never know. This has been an unusually warm winter everywhere. Kids dont have snow in Nebraska and has been in the 50's andf 60's there and should be real cold so we arent the only ones that have had it warm. Have lots of weeds growing that is the worst about the warm weather.
Kaye are you going to be at the flower and garden show in Fort Smith this March? If so hope to get to see you then.

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kadasuki(z6 NW AR)

nope, just been outside in my yard cause the weather has been so mild.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Hope ican push this thread up to 1st page. Were we in trouble in Jan? Come on everyone this forum is worth saving. If nothing more just to see how everyone is doing.

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