Liquid Calcium

mrpeachApril 16, 2009

Does anybody know if it is appropriate to apply liquid chelated calcium to raise pH?

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By the way I know I asked this one before....I just wondered if anybody had a more clear answer. Somebody at a website for natural lawn care products told me that it was the best way to quickly raise the pH. I always thought that applying granular lime once a year would do the trick. My pH is really low at 5.9. The supplier also suggested an application of micro nutrients.....

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There is no really good way to quickly raise the pH of your soil. That simply takes time and an application of the right lime. The best time of year to apply lime is in the fall. Was a good, reliable soil test done and did the lab that did that soil test recommend how much lime to apply? What was the ratio of Calcium to Magnesium in the soil?
It should not be necessary to apply lime every year.

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