Rabbit Manure in or around Tulsa/Owasso?

jessicamae(6)April 2, 2012

Does anyone know of a source to get rabbit manure in the Tulsa area?


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jdlaugh(Zone 6)

I've seen a couple ads on Craigslist in the last week or so. One said rabbit manure for $10 a feed-sack full. The other was free rabbit "poop". I just checked and both those ads are still active. I called the poop person and they were 45 minutes south of Tulsa, which is further than I want to drive for poop, free or otherwise. :)

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Yes, that is pretty much the luck that I have had. I'm not really willing to drive that far either. I will keep looking. A quick question though, I am fairly new at gardening and am wondering what other manure/fertilizer is good for flowers? I am staying away from horse manure because I know it can be too "hot", but what about maybe cow, chicken or alpaca?
Thanks again!

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jdlaugh(Zone 6)

I've heard Goat and Alpaca manure are good. Chicken is probably the worst for being "hot". I usually compost horse and cow manure before using them on my garden. I understand there is an alpaca "ranch" up by Owasso -- Acres of Love Alpaca Ranch. You can google them. Don't know if they would part with their poo.

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My grown daughter gave my still at home daughter an "oops" rabbit last year when she quit raising rabbits in Choteau. He is actually really easy to care for. We put his cage & run in a corner of the garden and he gives us all the poo we could need for our garden.

My daughter changes his box in the cage daily and just dumps it out in the garden beds. Weekly she scoops out under the cage and does the same.

He doesn't cost us much in feed or timothy grass because my daughter feeds him scraps from the garden and picks dandelions and other weeds & clover from the yard (no chemicals used) which he loves. He really likes swiss chard which we have an abundance of - still growing strong from March 2011 planting. He also likes carrot tops after harvest and brassica & beet greens.

My daughter that used to raise them says he is one of the healthiest rabbits she has seen due to him eating a more natural diet.

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