tucker_sp(Z4 MN)July 3, 2013

This was originally sold to me labelled D. crepidiferum. Jay's site calls it glomeratum, and I've also seen it labelled D. sulawesii. As far as I can see, the only real difference is that this plant is bigger than most, about 3 feet tall, and grows straight upright, never horizontally or pendant. Amazing flowers, whatever you call it.

Another pair of inflorescences showing buds ready to open - they don't turn pink until they're open.



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Looks exactly like mine (see previous post). Got it from Marnie Turkel who recommends growing it on the cool side which is what I do. New growths go straight up but then bend over and become pendulous as they lengthen. Jay uses the same photography on both the crepidiferum and glomerulatum site but calls one a warm to hot grower, the other a cool to intermediate grower.

Definitely a nice plant no matter what one calls it.


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Amazing color. Thanks for posting.

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