Stanhopia assidensis

orchidnickJuly 2, 2013

It's Stan season! This is the first one to bloom for me. Assidensis is a man made hybrid between tigrina and wardii. Does well outside in SOCAl. This is an example of spiking, later I hope to be able to post a picture of 1/2 of this huge (100 leaves or so) plant blooming as occulata, the other 1/2 as assidensis. The tag reads assidensis.

Unscrupulous growers will squeeze 2 small seedlings in a pot and then sell you a 'Blooming Sized Plant' with 6 leaves when instead you are getting 2 plants with 3 leaves each, no where near blooming sized. They get it to market 1 year earlier and you are the one who gets to wait the extra year. Occasionally they get tripped up and shove 2 different seedling in a pot. this is an example of what happens. The other side of tent has a spike but not yet open.


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Another view.

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inga007(Ont. 6a)

Lovely plant.
I enjoy your knowledge and comments

Luckily, I know an grower personally, so no unscrupulous dealers for me..

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tucker_sp(Z4 MN)

Beautiful plant - wish I had room for this sort of thing.


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