Let's talk flower pot arrangements!

robolink(z7 OK)April 27, 2005

OK - I've got the vegetables mostly planted, and now need to get my patio flower pots planted. Mine are about 14" pots and bigger.

What are your favorite arrangements?

I've done red salvia, dusty miller and lime green sweet potatoe vine, but I'd like lots more ideas.

Let's discuss sun pots and shade pots.

I know you'll have some great ideas!

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I like a combination of tall, bulging and trailing in a clay pot that doesn't have to watered constantly. It's fun to try for a variety of textures as well.
So, I sometimes do an ornamental grass (small variety) with a drought tolerant annual or perennial like purple heart, just the two, or add a little moss rose.
And I'll usually add the gell to it to keep it from drying out quite as quickly.
I also do houseplants in the same pot, like Chinese Evergreen, pothos, and fern. I don't do hanging baskets anymore because the wind really whips around my house and I hate driving up at the end of the day to a mass of potting soil and smashed plants on the concrete under the carport.

I often stick a few starts of purple heart at the base of the brugmansia just to give it a little color at its feet. Right now I have chameleon plant in with purple heart and it's a real color riot!

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Outlaw_Gardener(7a OK)

I created a couple of baskets this weekend with the following "recipes"...

Basket 1:
Airplane plant
Coleus (lime and pink)
Begonia (red)
Impatients (red and white)
Proven Selections Herman's Pride (Lamiastrum galeobdolon) (silver)
Proven Winners Summer Wave Large Violet Torenia hybrid (purple)

Basket 2:
Asparagus fern
Sweet potato vine (lime)
Wave petunia (pink)

I still like the old tried and true red geranium with asparagus fern. I like the traditional look.

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I've never heard of aspargus fern. I feel so 'green' on the garden board. But I'm willing to learn!

All I planted in separate pots were gerbra daisies. Hadn't thought to add anything else.

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Outlaw_Gardener(7a OK)

Asparagus fern is a commonly used filler plant in containers. If you go to any garden center they will have tons of it. It's a very hardy plant that takes our summer heat well once established. Alot of people feel like this plant has been overused but, I still like it. It's so easy to grow!

I thought of another combination that I used last year....
Tropicana Cana
Asparagus fern

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I love mixing plants together in containers. Like OKC1, I like to have a variety of plants: something tall and spiky,
something full, rounded and 'bulging' and something trailing. I also like to mix textures and to plant contrasting colors.

Here's some of my faves:

In large 16" square containers last year, sitting in full sun on either side of our driveway gate, I had:

Purple Fountain Grass
Ornamental sweet potatoe "Marguerite"
A penta with green leaves and bright pink flowers
A lantana with darker green leaves and yellow flowers
Pink-flowered petunias trailing over the side of the pot in spring, replaced in summer by pink-flowered moss rose

Also in large 16" square containers I had this combination sitting in an area where it got morning sun up until about 1 p.m. and then afternoon shade:

Ornamental Millet "Purple Majesty"
Coleus--I don't remember the name--it had green and chartreuse leaves
Coleus--Alabama Sunset(? Sunrise? Sun something--it was from the Sun series)
Ornamental sweet potato "Blackie"
Ornamental sweet potato "Marguerite"

I combined different tropical plants into the same container last year. Each pot had one large tropical plant which had been inside all winter. To each pot I added several smaller tropical plants in contrasting colors and textures. I don't know the names of what all I used 'cause I'm not much of a tropical plant person, but the results were striking.

In my 'Chicken Coop' windowbox I had Dusty Miller for the white foliage, Midnight Dreams deep purple petunias, and black-eyed susan vine, used as a trailing plant to hang down. (Even though it was a vine, it couldn't climb, as it had nothing much to climb. I just pulled it out of the petunias and dusty miller when it tried to climb them, and forced it to trail downwards.)

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm going to plant my containers this weekend, so I'll have more later.


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ChaseUdn(z7 OKC/OK)

This is a great thread. I'll be watching it for many ideas. Tonight I was looking through old garden pics trying to get a 'feel' for what I've done in the past. Keep those ideas coming! LOL

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