I need cabbage wisdom

christie_sw_mo(Z6)January 28, 2014

Any advice on varieties that do/don't do well in the Ozarks?
Should I start it from seed or buy plants?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

No one is answering probably because of the word wisdom. I think Glenda and others have wisdom about cabbage but I sure don't. You don't have an OK climate but it looks like they start theirs early. Okiedawn is almost in Texas but she gives you a clue about the temperature when it is time to plant it outside. Also they freeze cabbage which gave me an idea because I have some Napa cabbage in my fridge and may freeze it before it rots on me.

Here is a link that might be useful: cabbage wisdom

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"experience" then. lol
I've been wanting to try to make homemade sauerkraut and from what I've read, it's better to use organic cabbage so the chemicals don't keep it from fermenting the way it should. I don't like canned sauerkraut but we ate at a German restaurant in Arkansas that served fresh sauerkraut made with raw cabbage rather than the cooked stuff that comes in cans and it wasn't bad.
I haven't finished reading the cabbage thread in the OK forum but I will. Thanks My internet is giving me trouble today.
I've never bought Napa cabbage.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I am still looking for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: cabbage and onions

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I grow cabbage almost every year and usually make sauerkraut. I can recommend Copenhagen Market. It makes beautiful big round heads that are sweet and succulent.

My climate in NE OK is about the same as yours. I don't generally find that things that do well in southern OK do as well in northern OK.

I start with seed, planted indoors. I set them out in the garden as soon as the worst of winter is over, after a brief hardening off period, almost always around March 1. Best to cover with row cover if you can, to keep the moth that lays worm eggs off them. Last year I interplanted with beets and potatoes and had very good harvests of everything except the potatoes, and that may have been because I also had some volunteer sunflowers and I learned later sunflowers and potatoes don't get along.

Sorry I didn't answer sooner, I haven't been checking the forum for awhile.

I've checked the box to get replies so if you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer if I know what the answer is. Hugs, Ilene

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