Anyone hear from Fran from Billerica?

mrtulinOctober 15, 2013

She liked having a spriing swap at her house in spring, but said she was having back surgery this year. I'm wondering if anyone knows how she is.

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Hi marie -

Sounds like no one has heard from her - I hope she's OK! Did you check her member page to see if she's posting on another forum?

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

She used to post on the Winter Sowing forum, you might ask there.

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I sent her an email message via her member page, and told her we missed her. If I hear back, I'll let you all know how she's doing. Winter sowing is her favorite forum, according to her member page.

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Thanks, I'd like to know she's ok.

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terrene(5b MA)

She posts from time to time on Hot Topics. I read and post there occasionally too. Pretty sure I've seen a post from her in the past couple weeks over there.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

This has to be one of the strangest, baffling thread I have read on GW since joining more than 10 years ago, made all the more baffling by receiving and email from digginginthedirt.

An email that she sent me, telling me about this thread started by Idabean and telling me that I am missed on the forum.

Digginginthedirt, thank you for informing me about this thread, and I didn't respond to your email as it stated that I couldn't respond to it directly as you didn't want your email revealed, so I assumed that you didn't want a response from me.

At any rate, I can not fathom why I would be missed on this forum since I rarely post here except in the spring about my annual spring plant swap that I have hosted for more 7 years.
After the swap, I check in the forum for about a week or 2 to respond to anyone that had posted on the swap thread about the swap and then I'm gone till the following year. I rarely even check in on this forum after that point, until the next spring.

So I'm wondering if I have been confused with someone else.

As for your OP Idabean. I can't even begin to figure out where you got the idea that I was having any back surgery this past Spring, let alone when I would have posted anything about having any back surgery this past year, because I never did post that.

It's been several years now since I had spine surgery and I sure didn't have any last spring.

The last time I posted on this forum was last April. I posted an apology for not being able to host my annual spring swap last spring. Specifically stated "life getting in the way" and nothing that I could do to change things and that it couldn't be helped and hoped everything would be back to normal and there would be a swap next year. .

I never said anything about any health issues, surgeries of any kind, least of all "back surgery" and it's beyond me to figure out how what I said, Idabean, could have been misconstrued to mean I said I was having back surgery.

Maybe you have me mixed up with someone else? It definately wasn't me that had any back surgery.

Sometimes life gets in the way of things. You know what they say about the "best laid plans of mice and men"....

At any rate, I'm fine, no back surgery, usually post on this forum in the spring for the swap, and then gone again until next year for the swap.
Post on various GW forums when I am inclined to do so, which ones? It varies, as new ones peak my interest and others wind down for a while.

Thanks, though, for thinking of me, concern for me, but I'm still thinking that you have me confused with someone else that was having back surgery or some other type of surgery.


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Hi Fran,
From your reply, I'm certain you are you. If my mistake about back surgery (not) was very confusing or perhaps upsetting, sorry.

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