Big Dig or Have Shovel-Will Travel))

EGO45(6bCT)October 1, 2012

My perennial and hosta collections desperately need a dividing and if you will be able to come to my garden on Sunday 10/7/12 between 10 and noon, you'll be able to either divide or take the whole mature clumps of almost everything in a garden. Bring your own showels....and sharpen them!) 1-2-3G pots will be provided.

Beside perennials there is a lot of (40-50?) hydrangeas (mac, serrata and paniculata) of different ages (1 to 3 y.o.) grown from seeds and already survived 1 winter in the ground.

Plus peony (3-4 clumps).

Plus actinidia kolomikta (hardy kiwi) and some other things I can't think of the names right now.

In another words I'm proposing a "Big Dig" as Marty christened it)


P.S. The only things I may need would be some red monarda and rudbeckia (any kind, the gaudier the better) for my son's garden since I don't have any of them to spare.

Send me email: lotkinct-(at) for directions and phone #.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Hostas do not "need" to be divided. The only reason for dividing is that they have been planted in a spot that doesn't allow them to reach their full size, or because you need more plants. However, Hosta do not typically develop the donut holes that other perennials do. They have been known to grow in the same spot for 20 years or more.


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Hi Ego - so good to see you on the forum. I probably won't be able to make the trip, but I wanted to send my best wishes, and to say that I hope you're well, and still gardening (somewhere?). We certainly miss you!

Steve, Ego has, or had, quite a fantastic garden, which he built from nothing. He left the forum before you arrived, I think. I doubt that anyone here could tell him anything new about hostas, hydrangeas, or ... much of anything else. Not that I think he would be taking offense, he's not that kind of gardener - just wanted to let you know that when he said 'desperately need a dividing' he was probably just couching his generosity in more subtle language.

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".....he was probably just couching his generosity in more subtle language."

Nan, ;-)))

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cloud_9(z5 CT)

George - I missed seeing you at the swap and I'm so sorry that I won't be able to make it to "The Big Dig" as I will be out of town. I hope you come to the Spring swap!

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Hi George,

I sent an email re: your address. Hope to see you.


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