January flowers

christie_sw_mo(Z6)January 9, 2013

My creeping phlox blooms intermittently in the winter, although the flowers are very few, at least it gave me something to take a picture of to try out my camera. I've been testing it and comparing it with my old camera and hadn't tried it outside yet until today.
I'm disappointed that the macro shots are about the same on the new one. I was hoping they would be an improvement over the old camera. The zoom is better on the new one though and it focuses better when the subject is MOVING than my old one did. I need butterflies to do a real test. lol

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I think that is a great close picture. I am sure it will be good for butterflies.

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When I was comparing photos by just looking at them on the cameras' view finders, the new one seemed to be doing better then the old one, but now that I've put them on my computer and can compare full sized photos, it's debatable. I think the new one just has a better view finder. : (
The worst thing though is that the flash doesn't extend high enough which causes a lot of the photos have a dark semi-cirle on the bottom right. It's a shadow that's cast from the lens. I've googled it and there's nothing wrong with the camera. It's just poorly designed.
I can still return it. I have until the 24th. Since my old one is working most of the time, I think that's what I'll do and just wait for something different to go on sale.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

If your other camera is working, then you should hold out for what you really want. The picture you posted looks fine to me but I am not that particular. I think I got better pictures with my old camera but it was ruined by cold weather taking pictures in the snow. My friend still has his that was just like mine and it is working fine. You guys are lucky not to get another Honey picture. I have buried big rocks under years of mulch so I was excavating today getting them out for another project. Honey was helping putting his nose under my heavy rock and snorting. Then he dug up an area and had his butt in the air head in the ground and his face was dirty. He makes me laugh every day.

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I think it is an excellent shot. I am like you.....thinking a new camera will be the answer. I think I really just need to master my current one! I did get everything reset to the factory settings so I think the color is now better.

I still don't think the Panasonic is as good as the little cheapie Canon for the macros.

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