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sand_mueller(z 7a, oklahoma)April 2, 2014

had noticed for the last three years that my main pepper crops, bell and anaheim, wouldn't grow a full size pepper with any of the early fruiting, but the peppers coming just before frost were big and meaty. I thought that this was heat related, but now am wondering if these peppers, being tender perennials have needed more maturity to form their best peppers, and if so I plan to have several ready to go into the fall greenhouse.

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Sand, I bet you're right. My peppers never really come into their own until late summer; well, actually Chile Rayado sometimes comes on strong in July and Frank's Thai Hot, which has small fruit, is so early that I bet I could direct seed it in the garden and make a crop. But larger fruited peppers need time to grow a larger plant to support their fruit.

Great picture of your green house!

By the way, folks, Sand is an expert on compost and green houses and raises seedlings of tomatoes and peppers, for sale, here in Tahlequah.

Tahlequah, OK

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If you are putting it into the fall greenhouse, does that means you are starting it in the fall so they will be big next spring?

Last year I planted Quadrato D'Asti Rosso Pepper that I started mid-February (these are large bells) and got a good harvest in the beginning of the summer but it's second round of fruit at the end of summer didn't have time to completely ripen before the first frost. This year I started them a couple of weeks earlier and some of them are starting to put out flower buds. They grow so much slower then other veggies I do think they need more time to mature.


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sand_mueller(z 7a, oklahoma)

I'll either grow a few in buckets or if I can get the bed ready inside, will plant them from among the starts I've got going now. Normally greenhouses are too hot or too shaded to do much good in the summer. My all glass house should open up enough to allow minimal excess heat build-up, while allowing enough sunlight for the crop.

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