CGM - Consistency?

iowahippie15April 23, 2008

I just bought 4 bags of Corn Gluten Meal and it's an orange powder...not at all what I was expecting. Is there a form that is more in a pellet form? It was blowing all over my husband as he was putting it on, and I suspect he won't want to do it again. :)

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Unfortunately, I've never heard of one. Fortunately, it's an excellent fertilizer so once he sees the effects he'll probably want to anyway. ;-)

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I have used CGM from Bradfield Organics and it was in pellet form. It did not blow away and was very easy to spread.

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I've never come across the powder stuff though many say they have. Any of the CGM with the "legal label" that I've used has been somewhere between a granule and a pellet. The feed store stuff is always a pellet in my experience.

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decklap's description is correct. That's what I remember too. However, you were right about CGM flying everywhere. The best time to apply it is when it's not windy. :)

But wait 3 weeks, and you will see a huge difference in your lawn. I tried it last year and was extremely happy with the results! I've got pictures of my lawn last year somewhere on our archives. I had pictures of CGM pre and post application!

I want to do it again but the price went up $2 more. :(

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CGM is a yellow/orange color in standard form. As an aside, CGM and corn meal are going to increase substantially in price as more corn is diverted to making ethanol. I used to purchase CGM in 50# bags for $16. It's now around $25 for 40# and going up.

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ours from $14 to $16. Looks like I'll stick with SBM. I found my thread last year, saw that I got it for $11/50 lbs bag. Hopefully, the price this year isn't that high.

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Tx. everything is going up and not just because of ethanol. But you can still score some major bargains. Last bag of feed store CGM I got was $6 for #50.

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I've used it twice and both times it was similar to the OP's experience (pretty much a powder). The best thing I can recommend is to open the bag and let it get exposed to some moisture for a day or so. Not rain/mist, but just normal moisture in the air. It will make it a bit less like applying flour, and more like sand. Applying on a calm day makes a huge difference as well, and water lightly immediately after applying to make sure it gets down between the blades of grass.


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