When you put manure in your yard what do your dogs do?

oceanna(7 WWA)April 18, 2013

Do they roll in it or try to (ugh) eat it? Dogs are adorable, but dogs will be dogs. Just wondering if (horse, cow, chicken) manure is a bad idea for dog owners?

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What my dogs did depended on the age of the manure. Well aged manure was never given a second look while fresh manure was something that was quite atttactive.

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oceanna(7 WWA)

Thanks, Kimmsr. What constitutes "well aged?" The stuff I have is pretty fresh right now. How long do I have to wait?

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No odor. But that may also mean no nutrients. My uncle, an old farmer when I was growing up, spread manure on his fields and tilled it in within 24 hours of spreading it so the nutrients would not be lost to the atmosphere. He said what you smell from manure is nutrients going out into the air.

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