Meyer Lemon Tree From Seed

sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)January 26, 2014

I bought some Meyer lemons a while back, because I had never tasted one. They are egg-sized, light orange skins when ripe, and taste tangy, but a taste between a tangy orange and a lemon.

I'm going to plant some seed I have saved and hopefully I'll get a tree or two. Below is a post on GW about this subject.

If you would like to have a few seeds to try, e-mail me with your address and I'll send to you.

From GW: �Posted by silica (My Page) on Mon, Apr 30, 07 at 19:37

Meyer Lemons are usually grafted, or rooted, but can be propagated by seed. When Meyer Lemon's are grown from seed they will usually come true from seed, or fairly close to their parent. Your relative's tree should produce good tasting fruit, either the same as your Meyer or very close to your tree. It takes 4+ years to fruit from seed, when grown outdoor in a warm climate like California or Florida. When grow in a cold climate where the tree is in a building for 4- to 6 months a year, it can take longer.See this WEB site:

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Should make a great houseplant Sunny.
I started some seedlings from a store bought Meyer Lemon a couple years ago but have to admit I accidentally killed mine. I was keeping them on my patio for the summer and intended to bring them in when it got cold but forgot.
The seeds germinated easily for me but they were slow growing. I'm not very good about fertilizing houseplants and I think they may have needed that.

I need a kitty proof room for houseplants. Gizmo has given my bamboo a flat-top. I keep it in our bedroom but you can tell by the shaggy looking munched leaves that I forget and leave the door open occasionally. I lost a couple of my little lemon trees to him too before I moved them outside.

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Christie, I don't think anything can really hurt bamboo. Gizmo probably thinks climbing it is great fun, too.

I have a weeping willow in a big pot that stays outside all year. It has grown to about 10 ft. but would probably be more except for the ice we occasionally get. Bought it to see if I could dowse with the branches. I wouldn't want to plant any bamboo outside, but I'll bet yours is beautiful in its pot when its haircut grows out.

Also have some Blood Orange seeds now. They come true from seed, as well. Anyone wanting some of them, just email me.

I like the way you try new things -- makes life more interesting, doesn't it? You certainly have inspired me to learn more horticultural names for plants.

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My bamboo is not one he could climb. It's just one of those little houseplants, maybe called "Lucky Bamboo". It's one I rescued from Walgreens.
My lemon seedlings didn't get big enough to bloom but I believe they have fragrant flowers.

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