Tossing worms in my yard. Which ones are best?

volleymanApril 18, 2007

I'm thinking about tossing out lots of worms over my yard soon. Probably right after I aerate and lay down some corn meal.

Has anyone put worms out in there yard?

If so, which ones are best?


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I don't think it's necessary to add worms. There are probably already some worms, even if not very many. As you add more organic matter, they'll have more food and the population will increase. If there isn't enough food for them, adding more worms won't help, anyway.

When I bought my house, I hardly ever saw a worm anywhere. Now, they're everywhere.

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shellva(Camden 7b/8a)

Hi Volleyman,

Save your money on the worms. They will come on their own when the conditions in your lawn are proper for them to survive.

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