Compost strategies for large lawn

andrew_rvaApril 29, 2014

Hello folks, pretty simple question here. We have about 22,000 sf of lawn. We have our own compost pile, but I think at the most we might have about one yard. Even if I can get my hands on enough compost to spread over our entire lawn, I shutter at the thought of spreading it over a half acre by hand.

I am considering spreading compost on the parts of the lawn that are bare, thin, or covered in moss, and spraying compost tea onto the rest of the yard. Is compost tea a decent substitute for compost in this situation? My thinking is that the bare areas need organic matter the most, but the compost tea will add nutrients to fortify OM that is already in the more filled-in areas. Am I on the right track here?

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Compost in the form of tea or top dressed will both work equally well. Tea will get to work faster, but unless you have some sort of huge brewing area, that kind of lawn is going to take a lot of tea...Typically it's brewed in a 5 gallon bucket with fish pump for aeration. You would need like 50 gallons of tea to cover that lawn.

I have about 5000sq feet of lawn and its easy enough just to load up the wheel barrel and scoop shovel fulls of compost and sort of just heave it across the yard.. doesn't need to be too uniform, it will be spread out by nature rather quickly. This method won't work for you, I have never used this tool, but you could consider buying a compost barrel spreader. It's a relativley cheap option, since the next step up would be some sort of commerial tools

Compost Barrel Spreader

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Compost tea is one way to get some bacteria into the soil, but if there is not adequate amounts of organic matter in that soil they will have nothing to live on and will not be of much use.
If the soil has adequate amounts of organic matter in the soil spraying compost tea probably is not necessary.

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Thanks for the information! Really glad I found this forum. I just ordered Paul Tukey's Organic Lawn Care Manual and look forward to diving in.

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