Which applications can be 'snacks' for the lawn?

rutgers1(6NJ)April 4, 2008

Supposing I have my regular feedings planned out (mix of grains, etc.), what is the best time - if any - to do the following:

1) coffee grounds: I was thinking of either mixing these in with my next fertilizer application OR waiting 2 or three weeks and just spreading them as a "snack."

2) molasses

3) compost tea

4) some type of seaweed/kelp application

5) compost

I will just come out and admit it...I am too addicted to my lawn to wait months in between applications of something. I find myself wanting to do something every few weeks. It doesn't seem to bother me as much during the fall, since I have some fun mulching up my leaves, overseeding, etc. However, in the spring and early summer, it is hard to go a week or two without doing something small out there.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Any of the items on your list are good, but I would add ordinary corn meal. Corn meal is one of the weakest protein sources in the organic catalog.

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All of yours and David's, plus you could always divide the application in two (or four) and apply it every two weeks or weekly, if you like.

That way you're always spoon-feeding the lawn, which is good, and you're always active out there, which is good.

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just to clarify...corn mean, NOT corn GLUTEN meal?

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