Compost tea for thatch

binder(7)April 20, 2010

I understand that spraying a good compost tea on your lawn could help speed up thatch decomposition. First of all, has anyone tried this and does it work effectively? If so, how many treatments would I use? How quick should I expect to see results? Any other thoughts?


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its supposed to, theres an article, i'm sure someone will soon reference you to on organic lawn care. it says that organic lawns have little thatch. I, for one, can agree with this as i have little to no thatch. BUT, i'm sure that certain types of grass bring more thatch than a ky fescue lawn.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

What kind of grass do you have?
Where do you live?
How often do you water and for how long?
How high do you mow and how often?
How often do you fertilize and with what?

Go to the Organic Gardening forum and look in the FAQ. There is one near the bottom of the list called Organic Lawn Care. Or it is on many other lawn forums around the Internet.

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A good healthy turf needs about 1/2 inch of thatch, any more than that and it indicates your soil is not supporting a good Soil food Web which will digest excess thatch for you. Compost tea might help with thatch build up temporarily but the more permanent sollution for that is to work on the soil to get enough organic matter into the soil to support an active Soil Food Web.

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