Rust on Tall Fescue

oberciMay 21, 2014

So my lawn is covered in rust, and although I've done a search, I'm not sure how to address the issue.

My current care practices include watering 1" whenever the lawn seems to need a good watering (I tend to underwater more than overwater). I set the sprinklers to run around 6 am so that they are off by 9 am--trying not to water at night but also want to be done before it heats up. I mow 1-2x a week. In February I started to add alfalfa pellets on the first of every month.

We've had crazy weather, some extremely hot days, then rain, then wind, hot again...all over the place. And the lawn has been drying out in places more quickly but I'm so afraid to overwater that I may be under watering. Not sure how to gauge how often to deep water.

So back to the rust...what to do?

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Rust is normally not fatal but can be a contributor to the demise of already stressed turf. The best defense against damage is a healthy lawn. The cure is to get the turf to outgrow it. Apply a fast release nitrogen. Milorganite is a good organic source of WSN. Bagging clippings and washing the mower deck after mowing can help.

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