Show us Your Gardens - A photo thread - November 2011

pixie_louNovember 2, 2011

This is a place to post photos, and to discuss, what is in your garden. This is thread for November 2011.

For the Fall and Winter months, this thread should be used to post current photos of your gardens - not necessarily what is blooming. Photos of the foliage, berries, branches. We often talk aobut "visual interest" for winter - so this is the place to show it off.

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I never thought of Azalea as having interesting color. The leaves are turning a nice burgundy red.

I *thought* I had eradicated all the invasive bittersweet on my property. But this vine is rooted across the brook on my neighbors property. I think I will have to sneak over there and yank out the roots.

At the rate these plants are going, I may still get another harvest of parsley!

Is this a day lily opening?

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

I also have bittersweet next door and in inaccessible places (like on the coastal bank). I cringe when I remember that these are probably all from the vines my mother planted years ago, when bittersweet was a treasured ornamental.

Today is one of the beautiful fall days that this coastal area does so well (unlike spring which can be really dreary). My garden is still pleasing, as long as you're not bothered by clutter and rampant growth with decaying perennials.

Aster Fanny is still blooming; my last aster.

Roses do very well here, and there's some sporadic blooms on Carefree Delight and Zepherine Drouhin (not shown here). The dependable Knockout roses continue their show:

R. Blushing Knockout

R. Knockout

R. Carefree Beauty is still having the best year I've seen here.

Carefree Beauty hips are prominent and I'm hoping the rest of the blooms will turn to hips so the whole bush will be hippy.

Berries are coming into their season.

Winterberry and euonymus Silver King.

The berries on my two Ilex opaca Goldies are turning yellow. Pine needles festoon many shrubs like tinsel on a Christmas tree.

I do have some foliage color beginning to appear now.

Highbush blueberry with I. opaca Goldie berries.

The stone wall garden with itea virginica, Hydrangea Blue Billow and a lot of other stuff.

itea and hydrangea

Cotoneaster along the stone wall.

Yucca Color Guard and cotoneaster. Could use some weeding.

Self-seeded Cornus florida.


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franeli(z4 NH)

Here are three November photos from my NH garden:

Winterberries showing their bright color against the white pine tree:

Crabapple,juniper and rhododendron along the driveway:

Evergreens and early afternoon long shadows across the meadow:

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Nice, franeli. The berries are really striking once the leaves drop - your garden is way further into fall than my MA garden is.

The foliage is changing rapidly here. This is my stone wall garden on a cloudy misty day. The Itea and cotoneaster are quickly developing their fall color. I'm photographing them expecting any day that the leaves will suddenly drop and the color will be gone.

Itea virginica Henry's Garnet

Just beginning to emerge from the cotoneasters is one of two little dwarf conifers (Pinus sylvestris Albyn's Prostrate) which is obscured by asters and iris earlier in the season. I have three little conifers in there, including a Bosnian pine cultivar, and I'm hoping that they will give a much stronger presence when they get a little bigger.

Climbing up the porch is a Rose Zepherine Drouhin which has a couple of blooms on it. From the porch I can see the roses with a backdrop of itea and hydrangea color.


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franeli - I am now convinced that I must have a winterberry.

As of last week I still had a bit of color on my old apple tree

As of this week, the only color left is on my forsythia

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

Camellia "Snow Flurry" is at its best right now. Prickly Pear cactus has ripening fruit. Knockout roses are still going strong. And as far as a strange November goes, I saw about a dozen Forsythia flowers open this morning! I don't have a photo of that. Poor confused plant!

Some of the close ups are not well focused, but I used my phone camera because I was coming home from the store and I'm too lazy to get my real camera!

Camellia "Snow Flurry"

Knockout Roses in a row

Cactus fruit

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franeli(z4 NH)

Nice photos everyone,including the roses, camellias, and cactus,oh my!
Here it's just one of those beautiful,early snow filled days.

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Bill - I'm just in awe every time you post pictures of those cacti.

We were at Russells today buying our Christmas tree. They had a bunch of winterberry plants for sale. I was very tempted to buy one, but I just worry that the plant won't have time to develop any roots this late in the season. But I will definitely buy one in the spring.

Yesterday I was a bit surprised to see a dandelion in bloom in my lawn. I still have not won the war against dandelions!

It was such a clear day, the reflections on the pond were really nice. This shows the pine trees that the previous owner lined our property with.

We had a gorgeous pink sky at sunset last night.

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

PL - many cacti are hardy in zone 5 and even 4 as long as they are sited where winter moisture can run off. On a slope (south-ish facing if possible) or on a raised mound, and in full sun. You should try some.

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Pixie Lou - Not sure if you know this . . .
You actually need two hollies to get berries, a male and a female, or some nurseries sell the two together in one pot.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Speaking of winterberries.... the leaves are finally dropping off my winterberry wall and it's the highlight of the garden again.

I have no idea where the male is, but there are a lot of wild winterberries around the pond down the hill. Last year I had no berries, so maybe the males were just too far away in a bad spring for insect pollinators. I now have four seedlings growing up so I figure at least one will be a male I can keep closeby.

My 'Goldie' American hollies (Ilex opaca) are having their best year yet. Winter winds have been brutal on them, so last year I staked them and they seem a lot happier.
Ilex opaca

One of three little Fothergilla Mt Airy's has a pretty fall color. These are in considerable shade and maybe should be moved.

I also still have a lot of roses blooming, but I've posted many rose photos already and they haven't changed that much. At this rate they'll easily last into December.


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Yesterday when I was clearing some of the sodden and crushed perennial foliage from the gardens, I noticed that my Daphne 'Summer Ice' was STILL blooming. This is a plant that starts blooming in April, well before the last frost, and continues nonstop until whenever a really hard freeze arrives. Never a real stunner, but always a nice garden presence with its long-term little flowers and small leaves with a delicate white edge. I'll try to get a photo another day if I am home during daylight before it gets too cold.

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nhbabs - I do know you need male and female hollies to get berries. I did not know that winterberry was a holly.

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