Corn Gluten Meal for June?

sunfire01(z8 TX)May 26, 2010

I've noticed that in some of the online publications for Texas organic gardening say to put out corn gluten meal around March and then again the first of June. Does anyone follow this strategy as well? I was gonna buy a bag for $19.99 at my feed store this week and put it out to prevent anymore nasty crabgrass from germinating. I already have too much of it as it is and wanna cover anymore seeds that might germinate late. Would this be wise or a waste?

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dogwind(Z8a TX)

I don't follow any particular strategy for fertilizer. I just spread CGM in my yard because my St Augustine green-up this year has been real slow, and I felt it needed a nitrogen boost. I have one area of my yard that gets full mid day to late afternoon sun, and it is still slowly filling in some dead spots. Freeze damage in the D/FW area was particularly hard on St Augustine in the area, although my neighbors don't seem to have it as bad. I finally broke down and bought a bag of CGM to give the lawn a boost. It is already the third time I have fertilized this year. In Feb I spread dry molasses and in April I spread alfalfa pellets.
That is a great price for a 40# bag of CGM. Where can I purchase it that cheaply?

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Very simply, CGM this time of the year is only good as a fertilizer and it will certainly fertilize any weeds you allready including perennial weeds. Even using CGM in late winter or early fall as weed control, it will not control perennial weeds such as dollar weed.

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in my zone, 6, ive noticed lots of crabgrass just staring to spring up. I think that if I woulda applied some CGM mid may to early june, i mighta been able to fight some of the crabgrass. BUT, in Texas, i think that June would be too late. Try to be observant about when your weeds come up and plan accordingly for next year. Until then, do what you can to kill existing plants. Good luck, I'd say i've pulled a good 2000+ crabgrass plants and seedlings out of flower beds and veg. gardens. HATE EM.

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I put CGM down the first week of April here in North Central TX (towards the end of the Forsythia bloom period) and my yard is covered in crabgrass right now. It grows faster than I can pull it and seems to be putting tons of seed heads up right now AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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