Everyone OK after the storms????

cherig22(MO 6a/6b)January 8, 2008

We got wind gusts and rain off and on, but dodged the tornados. Can ya'll check in, I want to know ya'll are all right.

Greenfield dodged the bullet for the second time since we moved here.....


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We are a few miles north of I-44 and we dodged them too....this time.

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We're ok. We decided to sleep in the basement. Our neighbor said he saw a little tornado in the field between our two houses so I guess we're lucky we didn't lose our new roof. We need to get up there and check for hail damage though.
I'm always so grateful to have a basement when the weather is bad at night like that. It would be hard to wake the kids up and stuff them in a closet in the middle of the night.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

So glad to hear that you are okay. I stayed glued to the TV all evening...espacially KY3. They did a great job of covering it.
We got heavy rains,strong winds, hail, and electrical storms, but no damage. I went to bed at 10( even though we were under a tornado watch until 5AM), and slept through most of it.

My computer bit the dust last wednesday, and I am on a loaner from the repair man. It appears mine got a virus! He expects to be able to fix it. It was first thought that the modem had went out...too bad that wasn't the case !
He hoped to have it corrected by late yesterday. I haven't called to see. I avoid making trips to town as much as possible...and espacially with the price of gasoline.

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Well the ice storm a bit ago wiped out the majority of trees in my region including half those on my property (and half the ones I hope to salvage, as well). As I stood there looking so sadly at the (beautifully ice-encrusted crystal disaster), all I could think was,

"Hey! That means I'll have sun in the front and could plant herbs on the porch!"

(Definitely a gardening whacko.)

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