vermicomposting tea granules

organic_roseman(6)May 13, 2009

Over a year ago I purchased a 5 lb GreatGrow VermiCompost Tea Granules (General Purpose). I can't seem to find the directions or the GreatGrow website to clue me on the proper use of this product. My questions: Should I apply this, dry, directly to the garden or should a prepare a 'tea'. (I have made Alfalfa tea for my roses which is a great additive.)

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The linked web site is I think the manufacturer of this product but they have no information about use either. However this sttement by them, "Soil amendments are usually single purpose products that address a specific soil problem." gives me great pause because that makes it appear they do not know why people amend soil. I'm not sure I wouild buy anything from them.
Unfortunately I cannot answer your question since the manufacturer does not either.

Here is a link that might be useful: GreatGrow?

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