You can't recycle car seats

momj47(7A)April 29, 2013

You can take them to the landfill.

Most of the components cannot be recycled. They can only be trashed. You can take it apart and recycle only a few of the parts.

Most families have two or three or four, or more, worth many hundreds of dollars.

Don't waste any posts on reusing them, we don't.

It sure seems like a huge waste of scarce money to buy one and then throw it in the trash when your child has outgrown it.

Someone has a good political lobbyist on K Street. It gives meaning to that comment in "The Graduate". Plastics

The landfills must be full of car seats.

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They must be mom, used car seats cannot be sold ... and you cannot take your babe home and/or drive in a car period without one.

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Really? Can you give them away? I thought it was a 6 year or 10 year expiration date marked on the side. What if you have another kid on the way?

I suppose the resins in the plastic dry out (out gas) and then the plastic gets brittle. The nylon straps (an important part of a baby seat) probably breaks down from UV exposure .....

Also I believe that something older than 7 years may not be built to the most modern standards. I mean they do test those things all the time.

But if it hasn't reached it's expiration date, it should still be good.

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Those things have expiration dates?

I'd give it away rather than throw it in the trash.

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Yeah if you can find someone to give it to ... the problem is you might not even be able to "donate" them, liability and all that.

Lot of money for "one time use".

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The car seat for our last born would have qualified as toxic waste, what with years' worth of spilled sippy cups, everything well-adorned with fossilized Cheerios, etc.

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A quick search turned up some info for anyone interested. From this link:
"At least 90% of the car seats can be recycled, including the plastic, metal, and foam parts."

Read more:

Here is a link that might be useful: Yes You Can

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Thanks, elvis, but it depends on your local (county) requirements, and for us, most of the car seat goes into the trash. It's a shameful waste.

We've googled all over the place and unless you want to pay to ship them to Minnesota, or some such place, they mostly go into the trash.

We have 6 of them in the garage right now, all outgrown, two for each car - mom, dad, nana. It's kind of discouraging.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Bummer. Well, it sounds like you have the will; maybe you'll find a way. Someone always has to take the lead. Can't expect the gubmint to do it right. ;-)

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