'The Classics' Part 4 Oncid. Sharry Baby

claritamariaAugust 10, 2007

This one was impossible to photograph on a black background. What I found interesting about this bloom cycle was the colours. They change in different light. The buds appear to be the classic burgandy and white. When in bight light they white turns a pink colour. The burgandy turns almost an orange colour Truly chameleon-like this time around.

This was a plant that I brought from FL and its a monster, even after dividing. Sharry Baby has not been one of my favourites and this will probably be my last season growing Oncidium Sharry Baby. It has been outdoors all summer taking almost full sun. But a great send off in the colour department.


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Bette Davis

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I love sharry baby, that whole oncididum breeding they are doing is one of my favorites---and yours is real nice--love the chocolate smell

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sdahl(Near Yosemite)

Love the spikes and the scent, but mine took up way too much room in the GH, sadly. These flowers are gorgeous!


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I love shary baby with the chocolate smell, but they grow too fast.

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Grrr, and I can't seem to have any luck growing/blooming it! I have a plant that is struggling, but a long way from blooming, I fear. Your's is lovely.


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tucker_sp(Z4 MN)

I always have at least one Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' because the smell is so wonderful (in my kitchen right now), and it is no problem at all to grow and take care of. I have given away I don't know how many divisions, and I constantly have friends and co-workers telling me that their plants are blooming and they smell so great, etc. - it seems to be worth it to keep propagating them. This plant has turned a lot of people on to orchids.

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Sorry been away from the boards. Funny this came up. I met with an AOS judge last night and we were speaking about this very topic. We came to the conclusion that it depends on the clone.

From my observations, It seems that the ones with the more striated (accordian pleated) leaves are harder to bloom than the ones with the smoother leaves. Diddo for fragrance and light/ growth. I also see a difference between "2 colour" and "sweet fragrance". Sweet fragrance (smooth leaf) blooms for me profusely and can fill a room up with fragrance from 1 florescence. 2 colour (striated leaves) does not. I have to almost burn 2 colour to have it bloom! It will hold buds for months too.

Have 2 from 2 difference sources and there is a difference. The profuse bloomer is also a profuse grower. I am ready to divide it up and part with it. The plant has been good to me but is huge and the focus of my collection has shifted.

Really true observation that Oncid SB does get people interested in orchids, just like phals. I think it's b/c people can recognise it as a "Hawaiin" orchid and it's fragrant


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toadlilly(z7/8 ETX)

very pretty, is Bette Davis its name?

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amyleee217(Zone 9 Sacramento CA)

hey tucker (or anyone else who knows),what would you say is a good minimum number of pseudobulbs to have for divisions? and how long should it take to rebloom once its been divided? i love mine - but it is getting too big.

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me_171(Zone 6)

I have one in spike right now, needless to say I am excited.

I always hear people say they get to big and this leads to the saying "There are two happy days in a sherry baby owner's life: the day they receive it in bloom, and the day they get rid of it."

I figure I will just give away divisions like was already said.

Amyleee217 I would say at least 3 bulbs, this is the usual minimum for divisions as I know it. Correct me if I am wrong.

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I love them too. Received a Blue Ribbon last summer on a 5-spike plant.

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I've seen a joke on the main orchid forum about how Sharry Baby is the orchid you're happy to get and the orchid you're happy to get rid of! LOL

I'm still in the 'happy to get' phase, as it's not grown in you a moster yet. I have Sweet Fragrance and it's pretty nice.

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I received this orchid it had so many roots I really was not sure what size pot it was in so I started looking through and had to divide no medium nothing that I could see I have 3 plants from a 3 in pot 2 med.s and 1 small can you believe this and its in spike. the lady did not know what to do with it she gave it to me and I truly didn't think it had a pot. but its all the lovely now but she will not take them back hummmm LOL....I do not know one thing on the care of these plants help!!!!!

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Hi Juliebees you have posted on the you beaut orchid photo page. You might get more response over on the Discussions page. There is a mountain of information to be found over there using the Search Facility. Just enter Sharry Baby to find.
Winter is coming and i have no idea how to care for orchids in zone 7.

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OK thanks for the info. I Google it and it sent me here ...thanks again


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