Mea Culpa- recovering from use of chemicals

organictriplej_paMay 25, 2010

Hi. I'm not looking for absolution (as there is none), just facts. In a moment of extreme weakness, I used up the last of a bag of Scott's the previous owners had left behind. I was on my second season of organics. I subscribe and receive shipments of liquid treatments to add via hose end sprayer (seasonal kelp, humates, etc.). I also used CGM this spring. Last fall, I had mostly creeping pink smartweed. This spring, a couple tupes of tuberous weeds, then fighting a growing contingent of dandelion and clover among many others. I hoped the CGM would abate the dandelion spread but it's not helping. This past week, I noticed just a bit of the pink smartweed returning. I've been pulling some by hand but it's endless for me to cover on my own(4500 sq ft).

I have a mixed grass lawn, mostly tall fescue. I'm outside Philadelphia, PA. I haven't watered yet this spring- only do about once a week in the peak heat of August. I mow 3" high.

Anyway, in a moment of weakness, I used the chemicals. I feel like I can hear the screams of all my earthworms dying. I'm here to mainly ask: did I entirely reset my organic program back to square one or did I only take a few steps back? Was it a nuclear bomb or a small scale attack? I will continue with my organic treatments for whatever it may be worth now. I feel like a lapsed alcoholic. Flame me if you feel like it. It was utterly stupid of me. If there's anything I can do to neutralize some of the effects, I would do that as well, though I assume all I can do it get back on the wagon.



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You can relax since one application of one of those poisons is not going to do great harm to your Soil Food Web.
This article, on Natural Lawn Care from Ohio State may be of some help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natural Lawn Care

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Thanks so much. That's great to hear and great info.

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