Starting Boxwood cuttings?

LacedReasonApril 26, 2012

We have a row of boxwoods on the side of our house that were pretty over grown when we moved in, and now seem to be dying off, which is ok i guess, because my boyfriend and our new neighbors don't really like them there.

But i was thinking it would be nice if we could get some cuttings off the one thats still looking good before they decide to pull them all out. So we can start some in better locations. Not really sure how to go about doing this tho. I took a cutting once, put it in a cup of water to root and it did well, but i never got around to potting it and it eventually died. Any advice/tips? can this be done outside in a large pot or tray or something or would this be better done indoors?

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

There are different ways to start boxwood cuttings depending on if you're going to do it with semi-hardwood cuttings or tip cuttings.

I'd suggest you go to the Plant Propagation forum here at Garden Web, which I've linked below and do a search in the search box at the bottom of the page to find previous threads there on how to raise boxwoods from cuttings. If a search doesn't pull up something (and I'd be surprised if it didn't, but sometimes the search feature here doesn't seem to work well), then I'd ask this question at that forum so the propagation experts can tell you how to do it.

When I do cuttings I usually use a rooting powder or gel, which you can find at most nurseries and sometimes at big box stores.

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Here is a link that might be useful: Plant Propagation Forum

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