Transplanting a Potentilla

sooey(7MA)November 6, 2011

Hi Kids,

I was out in the yard planting some fall bulbs and came across a Potentilla that I would like to transplant to a new location. My question is, now or in the spring? Both will work for me but what is best for the plant? I am on the Cape and we could still have some good weather or we could be hit with a huge cold spell at any moment.

Your thoughts?


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I find much more success with fall rather than spring planting as our air warms up far sooner than the soil, causing slower root growth while there is higher water demand from the warmer top of the plant.

I am still transplanting and planting shrubs, and will be doing so early this coming week. I have put things in the ground as late as Thanksgiving, though that is pushing it in my area. I do mulch the ground near, but not right up to new transplants to keep the ground a bit warmer longer and to prevent frost heaving during periods of freeze/thaw, but in general I find the plants do better with less input from me if I transplant in the fall.

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

If it were me I would move it now, water it well and mulch. The roots should have ample time to get established. My potentillas are semi-evergreen here in Providence, and I would think they would be the same there on the cape, and so some of the leaves will fall and further lessen demand for water from the roots.

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