Vote Theft

jodik_gwApril 4, 2014

"GOP's hideous strategy to survive as the "white party""

"Trifecta of voter suppression, despair and gerrymandering means a plan with no new ideas. But also: No new voters!"

"Republicans like to think of themselves as the Christian party, so it never entirely made sense that they oppose what's become known as "Souls to the Polls," a big push by black churches on the Sundays before Election Day to bring worshippers directly from the pews to the polls in states with early voting. But of course they oppose it, because their love of Jesus comes second to their love of discouraging African-Americans from exercising their right to vote.

So after Wisconsin went overwhelmingly for President Obama with a strong black turnout in 2008, GOP legislators cut the number of early voting days in half, and specifically closed the polls on the Sunday before the election. But black voters struck back by shifting "Souls to the Polls" to two Sundays before Election Day in 2012. And it worked. After an inspiring Milwaukee rally outside the county building, lines to obtain ballots and then to cast them stretched down hallways and snaked around corners. For hours, every voting booth was full. Families came with tiny children, many still dressed for church. I noted at the time "it was the Obama coalition in microcosm - mostly younger whites, women and African-Americans."

Obama won the state again, this time more narrowly, thanks to continued strong African-American turnout. The Republican plan didn't work.

Now Wisconsin Republicans have done away with "Souls to the Polls" entirely. Thanks to a bill just signed by Gov. Scott Walker, there's no weekend voting in Wisconsin at all anymore, even though research shows weekend voters are younger, poorer and less white. Scratch that: It's not "even though"; it's specifically because they're younger, poorer and - especially - less white.

Three stories in the last three days brought into focus exactly how Republicans plan to tough out the demographic extinction that is eventually coming for them, if they remain a 90 percent white party in a country that will be less than half white within 25 years. One, they're doing as Wisconsin did, and ramming through voting restrictions in states controlled by Republicans. As the New York Times reported Sunday, Wisconsin is only one of nine states have made it harder to vote since Obama's re-election (18 states had already made it tougher after he won the first time, according to the Brennan Center)."

Lots more at the link!

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My bad... forgot linky...

Here is a link that might be useful: GOPâs hideous strategy

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

Hideous and so profoundly stupid. We're seeing just how powerful this nastiness still is, in an era when the rest of our nation elected a minority to the presidency, to drive a ruinous policy all know is doomed to failure before it begins.

Our minorities will soon be a cumulative majority, and, boy, do they know it. They are just waking up to their real power, and they're angry.

We have right now 3 generations of voters, especially "minority," but also young adult, female, elderly, military, and Democratic and independent voters, who will remember the GOP's attempts to disenfranchise them.

They've witnessed personally the ways the GOP has lied, cheated obstructed, intimidated, destroyed and falsified registration records, stolen, committed fraud, destroyed votes, passed new Jim Crow laws, and twisted and broken existing laws, all in an attempt to keep their votes from being cast or counted.

Other conservatives before too many years will be forced to either reform the GOP to bring in minorities, or very possibly, distance themselves from it by re-forming under a new name. In either case, it will bear very little resemblance in color or policy to today's GOP.

And the new rainbow conservative party will have no tolerance for the "base" and their ilk. They will inherit the wind, which in their case will inevitably mean a bitter, resentful, and irrelevant political old age.

Can't come soon enough for me.

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Absolutely... thank you, Rosie.

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Can't come soon enough for me.

Me too. So looking forward to that day.

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For the GOP winning power is the end game, it does not matter to them how they do it....and yet some still want them to be in charge of running the nation?

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I think the same can be said of the democrats -- winning power is the end game and they're not always so concerned about how they get it. To me the difference is what they'll do when they get that power, and the thought of the current GOP (ie, TP'ers) in power is a terrifying thing to me.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Terrifying, to put it mildly. I don't think there is a word in the English language that can accurately describe the how horrendous it would if the "current GOP ie, TP'ers)" where in full control of the government.

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Even Democrats are bracing for the coming bloodbath in November.

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North Carolina is investigating 30,000 cases of people voting more than once in the 2012 election.

That's just one state.

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Proof, please? I think that's complete and utter misinformation.

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Google is your friend, Jodik. You referred Chris to Google just the other day, no? The stories are all over...the mainstream media. Try this one:

snip-"In a report released Wednesday, North CarolinaâÂÂs elections board said it had found 35,570 people who voted in the state in 2012 and whose names and dates of birth match those of voters in other states. The board said it also found 765 North Carolinians who voted in 2012 and whose names, birthdates, and last four digits of their Social Security number match those of people in other states. The board said itâÂÂs looking into all these cases to determine whether people voted twice.

ThereâÂÂs a lot riding on what the board finds." -snip

That's (as indicated) a carefully selected excerpt from the article, the factual part. The rest of the article is cautionary prose, which is appropriate, but doesn't detract from the fact that reportedly, the report is real. I think it's pretty Polllyanna-ish to actually believe that there isn't voter fraud in the USA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chris's Post is Factual

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We've already talked about this... "North Carolina is investigating 30,000 cases of people voting more than once in the 2012 election."... and those numbers cited are wrong.

Those numbers are from 2012, and they were found to be dead people. False info.

Google is YOUR friend.

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Ashville Citizen times

Yes, these are investigations from 2012. And what election was in 2012?

Jodi, open your mind! For you or anyone to believe there isn't voter fraud in BOTH parties is ridiculous! If this were just Republicans you would be shouting this from the rooftops! I'm not. I'm saying BOTH parties are guilty!

Nobody, NOBODY should be able to vote more than once!

Here is a link that might be useful: April 3 rd 2014

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From your own link...

"However, other states using the cross-check system have yielded relatively few criminal prosecutions for voter fraud once the cases were thoroughly investigated.

Only 11 people were prosecuted on allegations of double-voting as a result of the 15 states that performed similar database checks following the 2010 elections, according to data compiled by elections officials in Kansas, where the cross-check program originated.

Bob Hall, director of the non-profit group Democracy North Carolina, cautioned officials not to jump to conclusions based on the preliminary database check.

"I know there is more than one Bob Hall with my birth date who lives among the 28 states researched," Hall said. "There may be cases of fraud, but the true scale and conspiracy involved need to be examined more closely before those with political agendas claim they've proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.""

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There are fraudulent voters just as their are fraudulent politicians, but there is also an agenda at work here in North Carolina - fear is rampant in some corners as the old order continues to be chipped away.

Some are afraid of the unknown future, but I, having survived the imperfect past, feel pretty confident that I can deal with that future.

"Twas grief enough to think mankind all hollow, servile, insincere, but worse to turn to my own mind and find the same corruption there."

We humans are not perfect - however, some of us (I would suggest many if not most) do try to rise above that state of imperfection and I continue to hope that a new generation will make a better job of it than mine did.

But in the meantime, I have no problem with there being rules to control our baser selves - voter ID handled properly - that is not rolled out the week before the election - and easily accessible - and free to all - is a good thing.

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"There may be cases of fraud, but the true scale and conspiracy involved need to be examined more closely before those with political agendas claim they've proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt."

Should go without saying, IMO. And your point is? FWIW, Chris didn't post anything contrary to that opinion; he reported, you opined.

This is funny: "Those numbers are from 2012, and they were found to be dead people. False info." Silly of me; I keep forgetting when dead people's votes started to count, Must have missed that. Anyhow, dead voters aside, that only accounted for a small percentage of the total votes under investigation. Which election should we be talking about, Jodik? 2013?

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"MSNBC host Rachel Maddow blasted a new Wisconsin law on Thursday allowing âÂÂpartisan election observersâ to hover as close as three feet away as voters give their personal information to elections officials.

âÂÂWisconsin used to be known for civic virtue and civic ⦠civility,â Maddow said, keeping one âÂÂobserverâ at bay with a meter stick. âÂÂNow itâÂÂs just creepy.âÂÂ

The bill, signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker (R) on Wednesday after being passed by the GOP-heavy state legislature, allows for the âÂÂobserversâ to station themselves no further than eight feet away from individual voters, and allows them to challenge a voterâÂÂs legitimacy.

âÂÂThese guys are not the non-partisan, good government poll workers,â she explained. âÂÂThese are the partisan election observers who are there to challenge you, if ��" in the process of breathing down your neck from a distance of 36 inches, they see anything that you donâÂÂt like about you voting.âÂÂ

The new measure also comes on the heels of Walker signing legislation into effect curtailing early weekend voting. Critics of both laws have called them an attempt by the Republican Party to stifle voting so as to benefit their candidates.

Maddow supported that assessment, pointing out that Wisconsin traditionally boasts one of the countryâÂÂs top voting rates.

âÂÂDemocrats need lots of voters to turn out,â she explained. âÂÂRepublicans need not-lots of voters to turn out. So in states where Republicans have control of state government, we have seen lots of changes to election laws recently.âÂÂ"

Here is a link that might be useful: Creepy...

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I would like to know when Jodi will stop being a partisan hack and start becoming an American who realizes there are bad people in BOTH parties, not just Republicans.

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How about let's talk about now... about what's coming up? Why always quote stuff from the distant past?

"As his own party pushed through the Wisconsin Senate the latest in a series of measures to make it harder to vote in the state, Sen. Dale Schultz (R) blasted the efforts as âÂÂtrying to suppress the voteâ last week.

Schultz, who is not seeking re-election and was the lone Republican to oppose a bill last week to limit the hours of early voting in every jurisdiction in the state, was a guest on The DevilâÂÂs Advocates radio program on MadisonâÂÂs 92.1 FM last Wednesday. Asked why his party pushed the bill, Schultz responded, âÂÂI am not willing to defend them anymore. IâÂÂm just not and IâÂÂm embarrassed by this.âÂÂ"

Lots more at all the links posted!

Here is a link that might be useful: Efforts Blasted...

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Pay attention, Dude... I'm not Republican, and I'm not Democrat... I'm logical and compassionate, and if that translates into liberal... so be it.

Speaking of projection... yikes!

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A concise summary of the bills:

"MADISON ��" Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that allows election observers to stand as close as three feet away from the table where people register to vote and where they receive their ballot.

The bill Walker signed Wednesday changes current law, which lets the chief inspector or municipal clerk designate areas for election observers to stand.

Walker also signed a bill requiring that an equal number of people nominated by the Republican and Democratic parties serve as poll workers.

A third bill Walker signed allows election officials to stop counting most names entered as write-in candidates. Current law requires every vote be counted but election officials say that can be a time-consuming process.

The new law requires in most cases that write-in candidates only be counted for registered candidates."

I frankly don't give a rip what some talk show pundit has to say about it, although she certainly has the right to air her personal opinion, as do we all.

Here is a link that might be useful: TMI; Don't Tell Them Your Name When You Vote!

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I have worked the polls here in my hometown and I have seen the people who come in nervous and afraid - not because they are fraudulent voters, but because it has not been traditional or accepted for them to vote - I know that I always feel a little frisson of fear or something akin to it as I walk into the polling place and I have voted since I was eighteen with no impedance.

Voter intimidation made legal is still voter intimidation - and to do away with voting outside of working hours greatly impedes the participation of on call, multiple job holding workers to exercise their rights. In states like North Carolina where the black churches have made a rite of providing rides to the polls on Sunday it is like shooting fish in a barrel to shut down Sunday voting.

I want everyone eligible to vote once and vote freely - and I am willing to abide by the outcome of such an election whether it goes for my candidate or not.

These transparent attempts to disenfranchise those that a party suspects will not support them are more evil in my eyes than the supposed person who votes twice or worse yet sells his vote for something.

And yes, every vote MUST be counted - even if it turns out that many folks voted for their dog or cat - otherwise how would you ever know? If you don't want to count write ins, then they should not be allowed.

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"In 2016, the role of Florida ��" with its six hour voting lines in 2012 ��" could be played by Gov. Scott WalkerâÂÂs (R) state of Wisconsin. ThatâÂÂs because of a bill Walker signed on Thursday eliminating early voting in Wisconsin on weekends. This is the second time Walker signed a restriction on early voting into law. In 2011, he signed a bill reducing early voting from three weeks to two, and limiting it to just one weekend.

In 2012, a federal appeals court struck down a similar attempt to restrict early voting in Ohio (though, it should be noted that some unique features of that law made it particularly susceptible to a court challenge). As the court noted in its opinion, âÂÂearly voters have disproportionately lower incomes and less education than election day voters.â Indeed, because low-income voters often have far less job flexibility than wealthier individuals, they may be unable to make it to the polls on election day ��" or on any weekday, for that matter.

Additionally, cutting weekend voting may lead to fewer African American voters turning out as well. After FloridaâÂÂs restrictions on early voting contributed to the long lines that state saw in 2012, several Republicans admitted that the purpose of the bill was voter suppression. One GOP consultant said that the bill eliminated early voting on the Sunday before Election Day because âÂÂthatâÂÂs a big day when the black churches organize themselves.âÂÂ

Both low-income voters and African Americans tend to prefer Democrats over Republicans. In 2012, 93 percent of black voters and and 63 percent of voters earning less than $30,000 choose Obama over Romney."

Here is a link that might be useful: Making it Harder...

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My wife was an elected poll watcher in PA. There was a Republican and a Democrat poll watcher. And they sat at the table where people came in to vote.

Sorry, Jodi, it's nothing new and will not sway an election either way.

I still say that people should vote only on election day. If the lines were too long last time it's up to the election committees in the county to arrange for more polling places.

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david52 Zone 6

I still say that people should vote only on election day

Right - and if your job is somewhere a few hours away, just take the day off and vote - your boss won't mind. Even if you have one of those important jobs like being a fireman.

And if you're traveling or working out of the area, tough luck.

You ok with absentee voting?

This post was edited by david52 on Sat, Apr 5, 14 at 13:50

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"You ok with absentee voting?"

Are you kidding? Those lazy military people don't need to vote.

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Absentee ballots are fine. But they don't get opened until election day. Even if you're homebound, absentee ballots are good.

But what about a scenario where the Republican candidate has some devastating felony skeleton in his/her closet, and the day before election day, it's announced. All those Republicans who voted early would find out they already voted for someone who broke the law. But what happens in he/she wins because of the early voting?

I have to say Republican because some hacks here believe there are no bad Democrats, only bad Republicans.

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david52 Zone 6

Thats actually happened in my folks county - everybody voted early for the county District Attorney, and a few days before the election, out it comes that he put his mistress on the payroll at some fantastic salary.

They had a successful recall as soon as it was legal to do so.

Pretty rare occurrence, with ample means of redress.

Versus making an effort to allow as many eligible people as possible a chance to vote.

With mail-in ballots, the turn out is much higher.

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In a recent runoff election in Virginia, eleven votes decided the election. A total of 20,395 votes were cast. 0.054% of the votes decided the election. In close elections it doesn't make much to change the results. Even a tiny number of fraudulent votes can change the results of a close election.

Here is a link that might be useful: Virginia Senate recount

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

The history of recounts have shows that any fraud is almost always and/or entirely with the counters, not with the voters.

That's why we do recounts -- to protect the voters from election thieves who've wormed themselves/been positioned to steal elections for those who can't win them honestly.

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