passion vine? Lisa, help

OklaMoniApril 19, 2014

Lisa, can a passion vine be really that bad/invasive here in Oklahoma? I know, you grow it. But from what I saw in your yard, it isn't anything like this guy has.

Please, share your experience.


Here is a link that might be useful: passion vine

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I'm not sure where he lives, but my guess is that our winters may knock it back more than his. Last year my fence looked a lot like his, and I chalked it up to that fact that the vine stayed green over the winter. However, this winter killed every vine above ground. I haven't seen any pop up yet this year, but I do expect some. I will let you know if it goes crazy. I grow it because it is a host food for gulf fritillary butterflies (caterpillars)

This is passiflora caerulea

I have/had two kinds of passionvine, ( p. caerulea and p. incarnata) Incarnata traveled a lot more. I ended up ripping that one out of my flowerbed. I haven't seen it come back yet.

At the moment the vine I am becoming concerned with is pipevine (aristolochia) I'm seeing a lot of vines pop up on it.

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That's lovely...last winter fried my small one (which had experienced a bad life last summer anyway...and was planted in spring). I'm certain it's totally gone as the dead vine/roots came up with a mild tug.
They're becoming a bit more common, but I doubt I can find any place local to replace it over here in Arkansas.

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dbarron, if yours died, I'd consider that a kind act of nature.

I planted this on my old property many years ago, it was an average sized yard. My advice is do NOT plant one. I think there are varieties that do not come up as new vines regularly spaced as far out as 100 feet from the original plant all over the lawn after a couple of years. It is one of the worst things I ever planted so unless you really love it & want lots of them or are a butterfly fanatic whose only interest is attracting the ones whose caterpillars like to eat the whole plant down to just the stems each summer, don't plant it. Just be forewarned. Vines of any type often become problems but this one really does from the roots it sends out underground.

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I've grown a LOT of thug plants. I'm still battling the "obedient" plants. *sigh* Most of them I know ahead of time that I am going to regret doing it and I plant them anyway! I haven't regretted this one yet, but anything could happen. I've lost several passionvines, so obviously my yard is not quite as hospitable as it could be :)

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Maybe my biggest mistake was cutting it down. It acts just like Trumpet Vine, sends out hundreds of new ones in revenge that seem to grow several inches a week. Mow the lawn then in two or three days it had these ugly vines coming up higher than the lawn all over the entire back yard all the way to the alley, mine did that all summer & the original vine was planted by the house. They were especially thick along the sewer line. I moved that year so I have no idea if they are still there. I was glad to move partly because of this vine.

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I spied some passionvine (p. caerulea) popping up this it didn't die.

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That kind of Passion Vine is supposed to be very desirable so its AOK, maybe you got the other one dug out? I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy if they had an average sized lawn.

I had been considering planting Obedient Plant until I read this thread, someone was really singing its praises a while back. I backed way off that one.

Speaking of coming out of dormancy, I have two Butterfly Bushes that are not doing anything yet. A third one has new growth that is about 12" tall from the base but they are 3 different kinds. I am starting to think "replacement time". Any others growing B.B. & not seeing signs of life?

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Our butterfly bushes appear to have been frosted back. We mebbe have about a foot of old growth left from last year. New growth is what I would normally call 'suckers' with a few new sprouts from the what's left of the old trunk.

As for vines and creepers, do the research, first. They're pretty, but they can be a lot of trouble if you pick the wrong one. A lot of trouble. imo, if a vine doesn't feed me, I don't have time for it.

e.g. The only reason we planted mint was because we thought it was worth the extra effort to try to keep it under control. So far, so good. Fresh strawberries and mint? If that ain't worth it.

One of these days, I want to get some horseradish going. I think it's worth the effort. I like a little spice, now and then. Good for yer sinuses, too. ;) I have just the bed for it, I think..

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TxRanger....if you really want obedient plant, I can certainly share some with you :) The good news is, I have tender green growth to add to the compost pile every spring!

You live in OKC, don't you?


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Lisa, I decided I didn't want it but thank you so much for the offer.

I live in an old neighborhood where decades worth of vines, underbrush, volunteer trees & such are more often than not well established along unmaintained property lines tearing up fences & battering roofs, I will be nice and just say they can definitely become an eyesore & source of regret. It pays to consider what the situation will be 10 to 20 years down the road because once it gets to a certain point, its not pretty at all & can be a big expense to deal with. There is not a vine, tree or aggressive plant out there that could temp me in any way, I think more in terms of clearing them out rather than adding them.

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I was teasing! I could offer you a number of plants that you might regret. I have some kind of tall wild aster (or that is what I think it is) that came with my house. It travels by wandering roots. I sent some home with a friend and they were so excited, until the second year, and then I kept hearing mumblings about never accepting plants from Lisa again!

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Oh, I do that all the time & people don't get the humor. That's one on me. Sometimes it gets me in trouble. Laff

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You guys are twisted! I kinda like that.

I'll just haveta remember not to take any plants or seeds from ya, tho'. ;)

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wbonesteel, I can give ya a good start of Trumpet Vine, I keep digging but can save ya a nice rooted cutting so you can be the proud owner of a TV. Around my neighborhood its practically a necessity for each home to have one. Actually I think its all just one single vine sending out tendrils to take over the world.

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Noooooo - deep breath - oooooo!.....not trumpet Vine!

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