silly question?

kevingalaxyMay 19, 2010

ok so you have all probably seen this q before - sorry in advance!

I want to go from using Scotts fertilizer + 2% iron (you know the standard one you see in stores) 4 times a year to using milogranite. Now how often do i put milogranite down to get the same results? my lawn is in pretty good shape and i dont want it to ruin it!

Live in central NJ, grass is a mixture of Fescue & KBG (i think), mow 3+ inches all year round, havent watered this year as the rain has been good thus far. thanks all.

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How often will depend on what your soil needs as well as what other management strategies you use, and the only way to know that is to have a good, reliable soil test done. Manage the nutrients in your soil, and the Soil Food Webs ability to deliver those nutrients and that wil take care of itself.
Sufficient amounts of organic matter in the soil, mowing high to leave as much leaf exposed to the sun, so that leaf can manufacture nutrients to feed the roots, and watering properly will go a long way toward a good, healthy turfgrass.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Without a soil test, which I don't necessarily suggest, then "normally" a cool season lawn should need fertilizer in late spring (now-ish), Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. I would try that schedule this year and see how it looks.

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