ceresone(missouri ozarks)February 24, 2008

Opened door just now, and cat came running in, not unusual,"cause I heard what I thought was dogs barking down by the pond--Then they took off--about 50 geese!!Yea, springs here!! (hope the dont try to set down on all this ice and break a leg--no, not on the pond--on my yard and pasture.)

I'll keep saying springs here till I convince myself!

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sweetwm007(6 b)

time to break out the glock?!


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oakleif(z6 AR)

The geese can't be wrong---hopefully. Spring is almost here!!!

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I hope you're right. I've had my fill of "wintery mix" for this year.
I saw a sparrow with a big white feather go up under an eave at Wendy's yesterday and I was thinking the same thing "Spring is here!" unless they insulate for cold weather. lol

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robiniaquest(z6 MO)

We saw geese in the air last night, honking very loudly on their way. I told my daughter that same thing - the birds aren't gonna be wrong. These past two winters have been rough after several mild ones in a row.

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We heard geese here a week ago so they are on the move. And more crocus are blooming in my yard, and the dafffs are starting to open. C'mon Spring!!

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When we were living in Pennsylvania, we were walking along a creek and came upon a mother with her nest of eggs. Of course, she was upset and we apolgized and moved on as quickly as we could, but what a great discovery! Will never forget the experience!

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Last week Tuesday, Trouble (one of my dogs) and I were walking around sundown when we heard lots of racket. Looking up I was thrilled to see a wave of about 1000 geese overhead, all headed north. A few minutes later, a second wave, just as large or larger, passed by.

Being a "northerner" until last fall, I assumed they were Canadian Geese - about all we ever saw. The next day I read in the local press that they were Snow Geese. What brave birds they are. They winter on the western coast of the Gulf of Mexico but breed in the summer north of the tree line in Alaska and in the arctic regions of Canada. Now that's what I call a comute!!

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