Laying down sod on dog run

frehattonMay 21, 2013

Hi all, I have a space of about 3' wide by 20' long to the side of my house that I am closing in for a dog run. There were some plants there but we took them out and now is just bare soil. We just bought the house and started organic with the rest of the yard this year. I was wondering if there is anything I could do to help the sod grow in that space since that area is going to get heavy pee on a daily basis (I have three dogs). I read somewhere that I should put down powdered agricultural limestone before the sod to help with the ph, anyone has experience with this?
Also read that I should put down a high traffic turgrass like bermuda because it would be easier to keep up with. I think we have St. Augustine in the rest of the yard so I'm not sure how to deal with Bermuda. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Before applying lime to any soil have a good, reliable soil test done to see if that is really needed. For a good turf stand that soil needs both Calcium and Magnesium, in balance. However, trying to grow turf grasses where dogs run daily is a real chore, less because of the urine and feces as because of the running around the do.

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