I hate this new format.

helenh(z6 SW MO)February 11, 2013

Why in the world did they make the page smaller - more room for ads I'll bet.

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Smaller page? I don't see that on my computer, just the color is different, and the forums list page is laid out differently. Other than that, it looks about the same.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

What have I done then? I have probably clicked something. I see a green border with clouds with a smaller gardenweb page in the center. Dah I went to control panel and made my page larger; now the garden web part takes up all the pretty green background with clouds. Thanks for telling me it was my computer or I would have put up with it forever.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

I'm wondering if this is the beginning of the end of our forums on GardenWeb. The adds didnt drive enough away?

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I am getting a wide border too on each side of the page. Why would they do that?
It may depend on your monitor size how much border you see.
I'm using internet explorer and in the bottom right hand corner, it says 100%. If you click on that and change it to 125%, the border gets smaller, then smaller still if you change it to 150. The font is pretty big at that setting though.
I'm amazed at all the national ads that are on Gardenweb now. There used to be nearly nothing. I'd love to know how much money they're raking in. We should get a cut. : )

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I get the same thing; wide border with the smaller page in the center. I am using Firefox and have changed nothing.

We all may need to find another place to talk.

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I still don't see what you all are seeing, I guess. Nothing has changed on my page except the colors and a few graphics. My page is just as wide as ever and I have no border. I am using IE, my monitor is a flat screen, but when I got it a couple of years ago I went into the control panel and adjusted all my page widths and sizes. I've touched nothing since. Don't know what to say.


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Don't change anything Sandy. : )
I'm afraid to change settings. I'll get that glare from my hubby if I mess it up. lol

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