orangedragonflyMay 23, 2007

I just dug up a corner of my yard were I am going to put some tomatoe plants. as I was digging and using my garden weasle, I came across alot of grubs, I read that they are the larvea of some beetle? is this correct? I honestly dont think the old lady that lived in this house did much lawn care in the 60 yrs she lived here. is there anything I can add to this bed that will rid of these gross things? lime? epsom salts?


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ok after some (lots) of reading of past posts about this subject, ive come to the conclusion that I need to use nematodes. I do have some questions on this application. Is it safe to use around veggies, or should I spray and wait a while, or can they be put in right after application?

Can this be applied now here in Mass?

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nemotodes can be used in vegetable gardens the same day you pick fruit.

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