Cutting off )33% recovery?

blaher(5)May 15, 2014

I planted a new lawn last year in my North East Ohio yard, full Kentucky Bluegrass seed I got from cultivator (midnight, everest, awesome, skye). It went pretty well. With the exception of the starter fertilizer, I have been just been feeding it organic meals. Last time was Soybean the week before I started mowing, which was months ago.

I have a huge problem this week though. Last week, the grass decided to grow like crazy. I mow every Saturday morning, but when I mowed last Saturday I had too many clippings. I figured it must be in a spring rapid stage so I was planning to switch it up to mowing twice a week. Well, this whole week has been raining every hour of every day. It's also supposed to keep up that way until Monday, which will put me passed it's normal schedule. It's already way past the third limit right now. I already mow as high as I can (3.5" according to my John Deere), so I can't raise it any higher to step it back down.

Cutting off more than a third is going to be inevitable. So, I'm seeking advice to what to do after it comes to that and if there's anything I can do to help the grass after I injure/stress it?

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Your lawn is looking awesome! There isn't too much you can do. If you can, I would sharpen your blade before the next cut. The cleaner the cut, the less risk of disease. However, even if you cannot do that, I think you will be fine, as it is still reasonably cool in z6.

It is during the heat of the summer that you run the biggest risk of cutting more than 1/3 off the blade at once as the grass is already under stress.

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Those grass blades are solar collectors, they take in sunlight which helps them manufacture plant nutrients the roots need to grow, and that is why you should not remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade at any one time, and why it is critical in the spring when the grass is growing faster then during the hot days of summer. If possible set the mowing height higher than normal the first pass and then a day or two later cut again at the normal height.
Do not get rigidly stuck on a specific mowing height.

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I agree with SC77, but stepping down mowing height over a couple of days is good advice.

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did you guys all miss the part where OP is already cutting at his max height ?

same thing happened to me last week, waited too long and cut more than my third,
lawn looks awesome today and needs its next cut,
I wouldn't worry too much on a once in a while basis.

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