daylily catalog came

helenh(z6 SW MO)February 3, 2012

Gilbert Wild catalog came and I have been wasting lots of time looking up daylilies. I don't have a place for the ones I have but I want more. It is fun when they open in June to see what they look like every morning. It is hard to research them because I will not pay a huge price to get the latest beauty. There are thousands of them. Ones that I wanted years ago that were expensive are now reasonable. Pictures of just the flower don't tell you what the plant is like. In my garden I have some that always have lots of blooms and give me no trouble. My favorites are not usually the prettiest. Strawberry Candy always does well and I have a red one that forms a nice clump and always blooms its head off. You don't know until you grow them. I am making my list and crossing off and adding. Lots of time being wasted. I like the taller ones and dark ones and spiders and I always check for fragrance although daylilies are not known for fragrance. I put Primal Scream, Ruby Spider and Free Wheeling down for sure. The picture of Primal Scream is not that pretty but it is a popular daylily. I think the color and size probably make it stand out. It won't look good with pink though.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

This is the red that grows so well. It has lots of big flowers in June. I don't think it is a rebloomer.

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Helen, I've been pouring over my Wilde catlogue too -- circling and underlining and making notes on the front. I'm also going to order some cannas (Tropical Sunrise) and try Banana Boat Sedge Grass. I'd also like to try Empress Wu hosta as the description sounds heavenly. Sandy (Mosswitch) and SW Gardens probably would know about that one. I'd really like to try Kamodo Dragon but it might look really odd in my hosta collection. Maybe I will, though.

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