Corn in my SBM??

garettMay 30, 2007

I just bought some SBM over the weekend. I opened up the bag and there was what looked to be corn in it. Is this normal? The previous bag I bought came from a different store and it did not have anything like that in it, but it was pretty much the same consistancy and smelled the same. What do you guys think?

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You got corn in my, you got SBM in my corn...

If you got it from a mill, don't worry about it too much as long as you're sure the majority is SBM. Apparently the mill processed dried apricot just before my SBM because there's some of it in that. It makes the stuff smell nice.

It means the mill didn't clean the grinders (or whatever) before they put through the next run. Sloppy, yes. But not really a problem--as long as you're sure it really is SBM and not mislabeled.

SBM is off-white with some black bits. Corn, in my limited experience, is yellow-white to gold.

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I have exactly the same thing - a few kernels of corn here and there in my SBM. Nothing to worry about, imho.

The grains are sometimes stored interchangeably in different silos or there may be residual product in the grinders, augers, trucks, etc, that the SBM passes through as it goes from the field to your lawn.

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Glad to see the Family Guy reference..."Hello I'm officer Reeses". :)

garett, you'll be fine. As long as they don't break a spline if using a drop spreader (no problem with a broadcast), they'll eventually get broken down as well. Think of it as a long-term release fertilizer. :)

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Glad to see the Family Guy reference.

Actually, my (advanced, decrepit, get off my lawn you whippersnappers) age. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups had the "You got chocolate in my peanut butter..." ads in the seventies.

Yes, it was the Decade that Taste Forgot, but a few of the commercials were classic.

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If you're into dark humor you need to check out the scene I'm referring to in Family Guy. I think if you google you tube, family guy, and Reese's you'll find it.

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Here's a direct link to the scene I'm referring to:

Please note this is inappropriate for young children or those without a funny bone.... :)

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ROFLMAO! I just had a nurse wander over and ask what was so funny--she's currently threatening to send that out to her entire department!

Thanks, I needed that one.

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Farmers rotate crops, Corn -> soybeans and back again or sometimes corn -> soybeans -> wheat -> alfalfa -> corn. Anyways, there will be volunteer corn plants during the soybean years. If the farmer doesn't "walk his field(s)" and "weed" the corn out, it'll get mixed in during harvest.

When soybeans are sold, they are graded based on the purity of the grain/seed/bean content, so much foreign matter per a unit volume. Foreign materials include other grains, rat and mouse droppings, etc. (The little black pellets in grains are actually processed grain, processed by fury little creatures). That's only the beginning, because the beans and grain are stored in silos (grain bins) first, then shipped in either rail cars or trucks, then ground at a mill that processes multiple grains/seeds/beans, with more storage, and more opportunities for the introduction of impurities.

Guess where the best stuff goes? To major food processors.
Guess what grade ends up in a gardening store, the lowest.
Who cares? its all "organic" or minerals (yes there can be small amounts of dirt and/or rock chips and/or steel shavings) that are destined for your yard or garden. Just don't eat the meal directly, eat it after it has been processed by your garden vegetables into people food.

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