Flowering peach bush?

nopeekingApril 28, 2010

I'm from Canada and visiting my boyfriend at the moment in NW Oklahoma. I've been making a few flowerbeds, and a friendly neighbor gave me what she calls a flowering peach bush. She said the fruit is edible and tasty. I'd never heard of it so I looked it up on the internet. All I can find is peach trees. Anyone here know what she's talking about? Perhaps it has another name? I also should mention that the small plant she gave me has longish leaves similar to a peach tree. There are no blossoms on it at the moment.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Hope you're enjoying your trip to Oklahoma.

I've never heard of a flowering peach bush, and my best guess is that she gave you a Bonfire Peach, which is a mostly ornamental genetic dwarf peach. The fruit are edible, but I'm not sure they get very large. It is a very pretty tree....I've seen it in nurseries. The one you have may not be a Bonfire, but if not, it may be something very similar.

I've linked a website that has photos of Bonfire peach.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bonfire Peach at MOBOT

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I've seen the Bonfire (or similar) labeled as "Bush Peach" or such at Lowe's in Shawnee at a few other box-stores (a few years ago). Its a genetic 'variation' (cultivar) of typical peaches. Looked like the bush-type has more-layered branchings rather than a somewhat open structure of typical species, but I have never seen a full-size one irl. Its not like they are super-popular from what I can tell (?).


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