Here It Comes Again!!

ceresone(missouri ozarks)February 19, 2008

Predicting a ice storm for tomorrow and Friday. I still have about 2" of ice on the north side of the barn, that made it thru the rain--will it never quit??

Family and animals made it so far without breaking anything,' fraid we might be pushing our luck now--Oh, I want to start gardening!!

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sweetwm007(6 b)

snowed a little last nite but we too are supposed to have ice the next 2 days. was 54 here today.


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Yep here too. I had a little snow last night and into the evening. mostly wet and went away before noon. Going to check the national weather service online, so I can go to bed early. I had pneumonia from the last big ice storm when power was out. I can't seem to get over it. I feel good a couple of days and them zip I'm down hard again. Every one take care and as always in the ozarks, be prepared.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Bonnie drink a lot of fruit juices. Might help.
You people from up north are going to have to pack up and move south 100 mi. But then we might get it next year. I'm thinking of you as you might get it again.

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Well we did get it again. Started really good on wed evening. then most of the day thrus. Lights out a few time, but came back on after a while. Only a little light drizzle fri in the a.m. I will never be so happy to see spring as this year. whats with all the blooming ice. What happened to snow, just plain ole snow. I can handle that far better. lol. I put some cosmos out. i'll see what happens. I got the funniest package in the mail today. My daughter sent me a whole case of banana moon pies, lol. She knows I like them so it was a late valentines day. I asked if she was trying to fatten me up, lol. I am going to start a few more things this weekend. providing we still have lights and no more ice. don't want to plant by flashlight.
Thanks about the juice. I have been as well as eating a lot of veggies and drink water. Had a big pan of water on the stove most of the day today. seemed to help.

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Bonnie, we got ice, sleet and snow....and lightening. It took out the HS internet equipment on the tower that I get my signal from so haven't had it for three days now. I just got back on. No power outages here and the melting is slowly happening, but we still have lots of stuff on the fields and the yard.

Hope you are feeling better.

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Gld - We didn't have any internet for a few days either. We sure miss it when it's out.
I was almost afraid to look at the forecast this morning since I hadn't checked it lately. This week looks pretty mild though.
I have to admit, I'm still hoping for a good snow (not ice) for my kids to play in.

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Thought I'd bring this thread up again since they're predicting heavy snow. We're in the 3 - 5 inch band but it looks like some people are going to get more than that. Hope we don't get freezing rain and sleet this afternoon before school's out. I have to pick up my kids today.

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