Decomposed cedar wood chips

jlaak5May 25, 2009

Hello all,

I posted this question in the organic gardening forum, but I thought I would seek opinions here as well. We use cedar wood chips in our flower beds. They decompose very quickly into a very rich black humus. Can I take these decomposed wood chips and mix them in with my garden soil, or would it be too acidic?? We have a very heavy clay base soil here so we are always looking for ways to improve the soil.


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I doubt if it would be acidic. Compost is usually pretty close to neutral.

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You can use the now digested portion of the wood chips, what looks like "nice rich black soil" in your garden if you wish. Just be aware that it may not be "nice rich black soil" and may be low in many necessary nutrients. The pH should be near neutral, just as most compost and leaf mold would be near neutral.

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