Killed bermuda grass/weeds w/ plastic: now what?

Tiff_NashMay 28, 2014

I wanted an organic method for killing off the bermuda grass and weeds in our backyard, so I covered the entire yard in plastic. It worked, and now the bermuda and weeds are dead (presumably deep to the roots too). We want to seed it with new grass seed, but do we need to scrape off all of the dead bermuda? Or can we just dump sifted soil on top of the dead bermuda and then drop in grass seed? or better yet, can we just drop grass seed on top of the dead bermuda?
Many thanks for any advice.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

How long was the Bermuda covered with plastic, and how long has the plastic been removed?

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The Bermuda was covered for 8 weeks. We have not yet removed the plastic because I'm not yet sure if we should add topsoil or remove all of the dead bermuda first. I looked under the plastic, and all of the bermuda and weeds are white and dead.

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Sophie Wheeler

Kill it again. White isn't dead. It's zombified but still growing. And that's why it's a popular lawn grass. It's tough as all get out.

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Hollysprings: When you say kill it again, do you mean that I should continue to leave the plastic on for even longer? Or should I do something else to really kill it off?

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"Kill it again". lol. Classic. You might want to try blocking out the sun with a commercial grade weed control fabric and having the plastic over that to keep out water. Seems like you're giving the grass and weeds a steam bath.

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