vinegar as a weed killer

everlastingMay 30, 2007

Vinegar is an all natural acidic product. Dumping it on the base of the plant and letting it soak into the roots will kill it. depending on the type of plant it may take 2-3 times over a period of time...

It is also good for killing weeds under a fence line so one doesnt have to use a weed whacker and also dumping it into pacing stones to kill weeds that are coming up in the cracks.

I read this tip in Mother Earth News when a reader wrote it in to them. Errr, or at least I think it was in this magazine. Anyways, I love it! But one does have to be careful not to use it to closely to wanted plants!


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The type of vinegar used is a 15-20% vinegar which is available at organic nurseries. The problem, vinegar acts just like Roundup as it will kill anything it touches. So if you are killing weeds in a lawn it will also kill the surrounding grass so you need to be very careful. Also wear rubber gloves as this stuff is pretty caustic.

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