Tomatoes and Peppers

pauln(z7B Arkansas)February 12, 2014

I finally got my seeds started this weekend. Trying some hybrids this year, along with some tomato grafting rootstock, my favorite heirloom tomatoes and chili peppers. Anybody ever tried grafting tomatoes? The rootstock was over fifty cents per seed! Yikes, hope it works.

Really excited about my Giant Aconcagua sweet peppers, which are really tasty and up to a foot long! Also, Aji Amarillo peppers, a Peruvian pepper that did well last year, medium hot and sweet at the same time. Almost a fruity taste, but enough heat to make my head sweat.

The fusarium wilt did a number on my tomatoes last year, so I'm trying the hybrids, grafting and also a soil drench of Actinovate. I'm excited to find out what, if any, of these methods results in better plants and fruit.

I know we're all sick of this cold and ice/snow/sleet. Longer days and warmer weather are just around the corner, and it's exciting to know that in a couple of months, I'll have some seedlings in the ground!

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Last year was kind of cool and rainy the beginning of August if I remember correctly. I complain about no rain, but when it rains there is more disease. After I saw the pregnant copperhead I wouldn't reach down to connect my soaker hose. I laid a soaker hose on top and got some sort of disease on my Black Krim. The ones I didn't water did OK. I am not going to start my tomatoes as early this year because last year it snowed in May and I had big plants back inside and too big for my lights. I probably will plant too early but not as early.

I bought some petunia seeds so I will have something to play with. I haven't been in the mood so far except for some lettuce seed I planted in used k cups just because those little containers called to me as tiny pots.

It has been so cold that I have had my outside dog in the house plus a hall full of wood. That is enough dirt in the house for me. We have a good forecast if they don't change it. I hope to play outside. I am going to Springfield to the garden show Sandy mentioned if my Valentine feels like it.

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Cool Helen! My two cats have a cat-door, so they get to decide when and where they hang out. I tried Black Krim a couple of years ago and loved the fruit, but it just didn't perform well for me. My rootstock tomato plants are already breaking the soil, so they seem rarin' to go!

Last year was freaky. We (Little Rock) didn't get the snow that y'all did, but there were a couple of cold snaps after I had my tomatoes in the ground and I had to cover them to keep from freezing. I had a little cold damage, but they quickly bounced back. Also new this year - Thai basil. I know it doesn't do well started indoors, but I'm giving it a shot anyhow. I can always direct sow later on.

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